PostgreSQL Introduction for the SQL Server Developer or DBA

PostgreSQL is one of the fastest growing databases in the world. Every major cloud provider has one-click installations or full-blown serverless options that support PostgreSQL. With open source licensing and time-tested stability, there’s a reason many businesses are using PostgreSQL for new projects, while at the same time, analyzing the ROI of converting existing applications. In fact, Amazon Web Services released Bablefish in 2021, an extension that allows SQL Server applications to transparently use PostgreSQL.

All of this adds up to the increased likelihood that you will be asked to develop an application using PostgreSQL in the next few years.

In this pre-conference session, I’ll introduce you to PostgreSQL from the perspective of a former SQL Server developer that struggled through the transition. I’ll help you make the most of what you already know as a SQL Server user and teach you how to navigate the differences successfully.

In this session we’ll cover:

- An introduction to PostgreSQL, including some of the high-level differences from SQL Server
- Installation
- Tools for connecting and running queries
- Configuration
- A deep-dive on SQL through hands-on exercises
- Adding functionality through extensions
- Indexing
- Query tuning
- Stored procedures
- Functions and triggers
- Community

Learning a new database technology doesn’t have to be scary. By the end of this pre-conference workshop, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to use your database skills in a new way. Whether at work or with a new hobby project, you’ll be ready to dive in and lead the team when PostgreSQL is the database being used.

Ryan Booz

Developer Advocate at Redgate

State College, Pennsylvania, United States


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