Ryan Rousseau

Script your .NET builds in your favorite language

The build automation tool Make has been around for 40+ years and there have been many other build systems since then. I'm not talking about Continuous Integration servers like TeamCity, Jenkins, and the like. I'm talking about Make-like build systems based on modern scripting languages.

In this session, we'll look at Make and makefiles, talk about the benefits that you'll get from these systems over placing all of your build configuration directly into a CI server, and compare some of the build systems based on .NET languages.

Concepts covered:
- Make and makefiles
- Benefits of build systems
- PSake
- Cake
- Nuke

Ryan Rousseau

Continuous Delivery Architect - Octopus Deploy

Ryan works with some of Octopus Deploy's largest customers to help them be successful in their continuous delivery efforts. He is also active in the broader Octopus community answering questions in Slack, recording videos for the Ask Octopus series, and visiting conferences and user groups to speak about CI/CD and Octopus Deploy.

Before joining the Customer Success team at Octopus, Ryan was a developer and happy Octopus Deploy user. He's always taken an interest in improving processes and automating tasks where possible. This naturally led him to CI/CD and a several phase project to improve his team's build and deploy pipeline. By the end, his team had a fully automated build and deploy process that integrated with our other tools through APIs. They even had recurring scheduled deployments to keep our test and demo environments up to date.

Outside of developing and advocating, Ryan performs comedy around Dallas, belongs to two needy cats, and likes to travel to new places and sampling their vegan food.

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