ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) for Power Users: deploy your solutions like a pro!

In this session, Serge Luca (aka Doctor Flow) will give you an overview of the ALM principles that all Power Platform Power Users should know to avoid a corporate disaster.
Pipelines in Power Platform aim to democratize application lifecycle management (ALM) for Power Platform and Dynamics 365 customers by bringing ALM automation continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) capabilities into the service in a manner that's more approachable for all makers, admins, and developers.
In this session, Serge will illustrate how to use, extend, and organize the Power Platform pipelines in a significant financial organization. Conversely, Isabelle will show how ALM can be applied to Power BI thanks to the Power BI pipelines with git integration.

Serge Luca

ShareQL, Belgium "Doctor Flow", Power Platform Associates

Brussels, Belgium


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