Serge Luca

Serge Luca

ShareQL, Belgium "Doctor Flow", Power Platform Associates

Brussels, Belgium


Serge Luca (aka "Doctor Flow") has been 17 times MVP and is now a Business Apps MVP (Power Automates & Power Apps); he is based in Brussels (Belgium) where he works as a Power PLatform Solution architect; he has designed more than 16 Enterprise Flow projects. He is an international & Ignite speaker and a frequent blogger. Serge has executed several assignments for the Microsoft SharePoint team (Redmond) across the world and has worked for Microsoft Learning as a Subject Matter Expert in SharePoint and in Workflow Foundation. He has trained more than a thousand developers in SharePoint. He is also the author of the famous Master Class Microsoft Power Automate and Master Class PowerApps workshops and helped the Flow team creates the "Microsoft Power Automate in a day" workshop. He is the creator of the open-source Power Platform BPM Toolkit available on GitHub.Serge worked previously as a researcher for the University of Namur (Belgium) and is also a Microsoft (USA) contractor.


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Power Apps
  • Power Platform
  • Microsoft Power platform
  • Power Automate (Flow)
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
  • Power Platform Governance
  • Power Apps Portals

Power Automate advanced patterns and best practices with Doctor Flow.

You have used Power Automate before; for years, you have created, deployed, and perhaps supported cloud flows in production. Then, following this session, you are ready to learn more and move your knowledge to the next level.

In this intensive session, Doctor Flow, aka Serge Luca, will summarize and illustrate (with plenty of demos) the key features, patterns, tips, and tricks that you need to be aware of flow/Power Automate if you want to shine and deliver a successful Flow/Power Automate project with the Power Platform. These practices have been tested across 26 enterprise Power Platforms projects since 2016. New Power Automate features introduced by Microsoft in 2023 and 2024 will also be demonstrated.

Unified Power Platform Governance - lessons learned after seven years

In this session, Isabelle Van Campenhoudt (Data Platform MVP) and Doctor Flow (Serge Luca- Business Application MVP) will illustrate their proposal for a unified pragmatic Power Platform governance and adoption plan combining Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI.
Even though Power BI and the Power Platform app creation tools differ, the governance and adoption challenges remain the same.
Conceptually, when it comes to self-service BI and citizen developers, the classical centralized governance approach does not fit the needs of flexibility required by the business.
The presenters will detail the benefit of having a single polymorphic approach where the concrete associated actions can be product-specific.
Many elements of this governance have been experimented on in the field by Isabelle during the last eight years for Power BI and the previous seven years for Power Automate and Power Apps by Doctor Flow.
Many use cases will illustrate this session to be aligned with real-world requirements.

Why use Microsoft Dataverse and not SharePoint lists or SQL Server?

In this session, Serge Luca, aka Doctor Flow (Business Application MVP), and Isabelle Van Campenhoudt (Data Platform MVP) will propose different objective criteria and pros and cons of using each of these data storage & databases. You will probably discover many features of Dataverse during this session.

Architecture d'entreprise, bonnes pratiques et business process management avec Doctor Flow

Lors de cette session, Doctor Flow, aka "Serge Luca" partagera un certain nombre de bonne pratiques et de patterns accumulés au fil des projets. Il fera également part de son expérience ayant poussé le produit dans ses limites les plus étendues lors des 3 dernières années. A cette occasion il ouvrira le capot de la dernière itération de l'outil open source qu'il a créé: le "Power Platform BPM Toolkit" écrit à 100% avec la Power Platforme.

Advanced Business Process Management with Power Automate and Doctor Flow

In this session, Doctor Flow aka ‘Serge Luca’ will illustrate several best practices for using Power Automate in real business enterprise and mission-critical projects. Having worked in 15 Power Automate projects during the last 5 years, Serge has identified several limitations that can have a huge impact on your projects, even though the tool is easy to start with. Some new patterns will be discussed during this demo-oriented session.
Serge will also demonstrate the next iteration of his baby, the free and open-source Power Platform BPM Toolkit that overcomes some limitations of Power Automate. Including an RPA integration.

Connection Link: https://bit.ly/2HLHR92

Power Platform for professional developers with Doctor Flow

The Power Platform is a low-code SaaS platform that allows many people to create small to medium size applications. But some of these applications can quickly become unmaintainable, insecure, and not scalable. After using the platform almost every day for six years, we have defined a set of good practices for Power Users and professional developers embracing this platform. Keeping it simple, following good patterns, and not over-engineering is essential.
However, professional developers must be aware of compelling PaaS features, like (.Net) plug-in, custom API, external events, Azure DevOps, Dataverse security, transactions, and more, that we will illustrate in this session. Therefore, this session targets Power Users who want to upgrade their skills to the next level and professional developers who have to create complex and scalable enterprise applications.

Power Apps & Power Automate with Doctor Flow: The Definitive Workshop for Power Users

Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate are part of the Microsoft Power Platform. This platform has evolved tremendously in recent years, and more and more organizations and individuals are using it. Power Apps provides a platform to create business applications for your organization’s activities and processes, saving your staff time, providing access to systems remotely, and automating processes throughout your Microsoft ecosystem and beyond. The drag-and-drop app designer simplifies app creation and enables you to rapidly prototype and publish apps to help your staff become more productive on the go. Power Automate can automate business processes, send automatic reminders for past tasks, move business data between systems on a schedule, connect and integrate to more than 500 data sources or any publicly available API and even automate tasks on your local computer like computing data in Excel.

This workshop is for those who want to get started with Power Apps and Power Automate, get acquainted with Dataverse, learn how to automate business processes, learn about AI Builder and Model-Driven Apps
At the end of this workshop, you will leave with enough knowledge and skills to continue your journey with Power Apps and Power Automate independently with confidence!

Topics that will be covered in this workshop:

Power Platform Overview
Power Apps overview
Power Apps canvas applications
Power Fx Power Apps mobile app
Dataverse overview
Dataverse for Teams Power Apps
Model-Driven Apps AI Builder
Power Automate overview
Power Automate cloud flows
Power Automate mobile app
Introduction to Power Automate RPA

ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) for Power Users: deploy your solutions like a pro!

In this session, Serge Luca (aka Doctor Flow) will give you an overview of the ALM principles that all Power Platform Power Users should know to avoid a corporate disaster.
Pipelines in Power Platform aim to democratize application lifecycle management (ALM) for Power Platform and Dynamics 365 customers by bringing ALM automation continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) capabilities into the service in a manner that's more approachable for all makers, admins, and developers.
In this session, Serge will illustrate how to use, extend, and organize the Power Platform pipelines in a significant financial organization. Conversely, Isabelle will show how ALM can be applied to Power BI thanks to the Power BI pipelines with git integration.

Gouvernance Power Platforme : leçons apprises durant 7 années

Durant cette session, Isabelle Van Campenhoudt (Data Platform MVP) et Serge Luca (aka Doctor Flow, Business applications MVP) vous proposeront une approche unifiée et cohérente de la gouvernance de la Power Platforme, incluant Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps et Dataverse. Ils ont pu tester cette approche durant de nombreuses années dans de grands groupes industriels et financiers en Europe. Cette session vous permettra de gagner de nombreuses années sur la mise en place de la Power Platforme à grande échelle.

Techorama 2022 BE Sessionize Event

May 2022 Antwerpen, Belgium

Serge Luca

ShareQL, Belgium "Doctor Flow", Power Platform Associates

Brussels, Belgium


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