Power Platform for professional developers with Doctor Flow

The Power Platform is a low-code SaaS platform that allows many people to create small to medium size applications. But some of these applications can quickly become unmaintainable, insecure, and not scalable. After using the platform almost every day for six years, we have defined a set of good practices for Power Users and professional developers embracing this platform. Keeping it simple, following good patterns, and not over-engineering is essential.
However, professional developers must be aware of compelling PaaS features, like (.Net) plug-in, custom API, external events, Azure DevOps, Dataverse security, transactions, and more, that we will illustrate in this session. Therefore, this session targets Power Users who want to upgrade their skills to the next level and professional developers who have to create complex and scalable enterprise applications.

Serge Luca

ShareQL, Belgium "Doctor Flow", Power Platform Associates

Brussels, Belgium


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