Cool Features You Never Knew You Had in PowerPoint!

Have you ever had to sit through a boring presentation? We all have! I had brilliant college professors who just made me YAWWWWN. Boring presentations are a recipe for disaster, causing audience disengagement, and possibility even a lack of confidence in the presenter! If you fail to captivate and WOW your audience, even the best concepts can fall short. Did you know there are a lot of great tools and resources built right into PowerPoint that can avoid those disasters?

You will learn:
- Strategies for Organizing Your Content
- Where to Find Resources for Creating Engaging Content
- How to Create Slides that WOW
- How to Standardize Your Layouts
- Become a Better Presenter
- Best Kept Secrets of PowerPoint!

In this session we will show you how to take a bland, boring presentation from Zero to Hero using built in tools that most people don't event know are there! We will explore techniques for making your content more visually engaging with graphics, animations and transitions. Did you know that PowerPoint can even make you a better presenter? Let's play with some of the features and get real-time feedback on our delivery. Finally, it wouldn't be a Shortcut Shari session without some Tips and Tricks you won't want to miss.

Our tried and true presentation application didn’t receive a lot of love for a few versions, but you will be amazed at what’s new and cool in PowerPoint. A little bit of Desktop, a little bit of PowerPoint online and you will be ready to dazzle your audience live… or not… (no spoilers).

Join us for a fun and informative session on transforming boring presentations into captivating experiences using hidden gems within PowerPoint! Learn essential strategies for organizing content, sourcing engaging resources, and creating slides that WOW your audience. Discover how PowerPoint's built-in tools can elevate your presentation game and boost your confidence as a presenter. Don't miss out on unlocking the secrets to turning bland slides into dynamic showcases that leave a lasting impression. Disaster averted!

Shari Oswald

Microsoft MVP | Productivity and O365 Adoption Expert | Technology Evangelist | SharePoint Consultant | MCT Regional Lead | eLearning Author | International Speaker

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States


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