Creating the Buzz: Increasing Adoption through a Champions Program

Do you know "that guy"...or "that girl" in your workgroup? You know the one...that person that everyone goes to when they are confused about technology. Maybe it's YOU! These are going to be your greatest allies in your organization when rolling out a new technology!

In this session we will cover:
- Why Champions are Important
- Who would be the best Champions
- What are the Expectations of the Champions
- Where to find your Champions
- When to engage your Champions
- How to get started building the Champions program

Let's build a Champions Program that helps you overcome our biggest foe in technology...User Adoption.

Shari Oswald

Microsoft MVP | Productivity and O365 Adoption Expert | Technology Evangelist | SharePoint Consultant | MCT Regional Lead | eLearning Author | International Speaker

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States


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