Pride & Prejudice & C#

Machine Learning is all the rage these days, and rightly so. It can do work that borders on magic sometimes! As a .NET developer though, I often end up feeling left out when all of the material that I can find out there is written predominantly for Python developers. This talk is entirely in C#, and shows how we can solve a centuries-old problem for one of the UK's most famous writers - Jane Austen.

The problem is that poor Ms. Austen only ever wrote 6 (ish) novels. That's nowhere near enough for a writer of her stature. Over the course of this talk, I'll show you how, with a bit of C#, a simple ML algorithm, and a little Blue-Peter like ingenuity, we can generate an entire new book by Jane Austen in a matter of seconds.

The technique I'll be looking at is called Markov Chains, it's used for modelling processes with multiple states, and capturing the way that the system behave as it switches from one to the other.

I'll not only show you how to use this powerful technique to create a new Jane Austen novel, but I'll also show you how it has applications in your day job as well!

Simon Painter

Senior Developer at Müller Dairy | Microsoft MVP | O'Reilly Author

Telford, United Kingdom

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