Advanced Power Automate

Designed for experienced makers with understanding of Power Automate, this session aims to introduce advanced techniques beyond two step templates and buttons that send emails.

You know how to automate your own business processes with Power Automate cloud flows and understand the different controls available. It's time to take your automation skills to the next level with Power Automate Gymnastics.

We will begin by covering real-life scenarios inspired by 'List, Array, and Loop Walk into a bar' supported by seamless error handling. This will give you a strong foundation of working with data in all shapes and forms, from multiple sources - effectively and stress free.

After that, we will delve into the nooks and crannies of the Dataverse connector and overcoming its limitations to help you master all your Canvas, Model-driven, and Dynamics 365 app automations.

This will be followed by automation with 'the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365' aka Microsoft Graph. This enables you, amongst other things, to automate Excel without the rigid demands of the Excel connector. Better known as Puppetry of Excel.

George have learnt plenty of tips from his years of bending over backwards with Power Automate Gymnastics. He will share plenty of life changing techniques you didn’t know you needed - until now. Bend at will. Stretchy pants optional.