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George Doubinski


Microsoft Business Applications MVP since 2007. Architect. Coder. Author. Blogger. Speaker. Trainer. The Enabler. Specialist in all things difficult for Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

If you cannot find me online committing code to github, tipping on https://crmtipoftheday.com, training at https://365.training, or talking on https://crm.audio, it must be a rare occasion when I sleep, spend time with the family or travel from A to B.


E-signatures and payments with Power Pages

Can you add document signing and payment facilities to your Power Pages website in less than an hour? With flexibility and extensibility of Power Pages using Power Platform and Azure, you absolutely can.

During this fast-paced session we'll build fully functional contract solution where clients can login into a portal, digitally sign a contract and pay a deposit. Best part? To match your skillset, the solution can be as low or as high code as you want!

- Makers - leverage your business knowledge and Power Platform expertise to build a secure working portal that signs documents and accepts payments in minutes.

- Developers - take the portal to the next level with secure cloud flows, Web API, and your Azure knowledge.

- Business Owners - sign contracts, sell stuff and make some money so you can pay your consultants generously.

Custom Connectors in Power Platform - Connectivity Unlocked

In the world where Power Platform is a living organism, connectors most certainly represent the nervous system. They carry the signals, they carry the data. They are the glue that brings all Power Platform components together. And they connect Power Platform to the world.

The best part is that you do not even need to be a developer to create one and reap the rewards. Come and learn how to.

Citizen or power user?
Learn about the role connectors play in the entire Power Platform. How to use them and (gulp) how to create one without being a developer.

Architect or developer?
Missing a connector or the connector you found is not good enough? Learn the connector internals and why you should eat them for breakfast.

Manager or architect?
Don't limit your connectors to data - discover how connectors can be used to make peace between citizens and developers without any data source in sight.

DevOps or Admin?
Package, deploy, monitor, govern.

Advanced Power Automate

Designed for experienced makers with understanding of Power Automate, this session aims to introduce advanced techniques beyond two step templates and buttons that send emails.

You know how to automate your own business processes with Power Automate cloud flows and understand the different controls available. It's time to take your automation skills to the next level with Power Automate Gymnastics.

We will begin by covering real-life scenarios inspired by 'List, Array, and Loop Walk into a bar' supported by seamless error handling. This will give you a strong foundation of working with data in all shapes and forms, from multiple sources - effectively and stress free.

After that, we will delve into the nooks and crannies of the Dataverse connector and overcoming its limitations to help you master all your Canvas, Model-driven, and Dynamics 365 app automations.

This will be followed by automation with 'the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365' aka Microsoft Graph. This enables you, amongst other things, to automate Excel without the rigid demands of the Excel connector. Better known as Puppetry of Excel.

George have learnt plenty of tips from his years of bending over backwards with Power Automate Gymnastics. He will share plenty of life changing techniques you didn’t know you needed - until now. Bend at will. Stretchy pants optional.

Power Pages: Developer Edition

Can you add fully functional payment facilities to your Power Pages website in 45 minutes? With the flexibility and extensibility of Power Pages using Power Platform and Azure, you absolutely can. Using payment implementation as an example, we will explore how Power Pages can revolutionize your website development.

Bring your advanced maker and pro developer mindset to this session as we explore Power Pages extensibility. JavaScript, API, PCF controls, automation, companion apps, and more. Using these techniques, we will build fully functional payment solutions, from simple links to embedded payment controls.

Makers - leverage your business knowledge and Power Platform expertise to build a secure working website that accepts payments in minutes.

Developers - take the Power Pages website to the next level with PCF controls, Web API, companion web apps, and your Azure knowledge.

Business Owners - accept payments in Power Pages and grow your business, so you can pay your makers and developers generously.

Power Platform for Azure Developers

Did you know that if you are an Azure developer, then you are already a Power Platform developer? Microsoft Power Platform may have redefined low-code, but a good fusion team needs a seasoned Azure developer.

Join me and learn how to leverage your dev skills with the Power Platform. Whether it's Azure Functions, API Management, or your Favourite.js front-end library, you can build extensions for Power Platform that will make you a hero.

And for the fun part we're going to use the most expensive retail flashlight and thermometer to measure outdoor temperature 13,500km away. With Power Platform and Azure. Because why not.

aMS Manila 24-10-2023 Upcoming

October 2023 Manila, Philippines

aMS Singapore 2023 Upcoming

October 2023 Singapore, Singapore

aMSKL 2023 Upcoming

October 2023 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

George Doubinski