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Build a multiplayer game with Vue and pub/sub messaging

If you, like me, have been playing lots of multiplayer games while social distancing, you may have felt some frustration at game complexity, or install time or any of a number of hurdles that stop your friends from joining in. Surely we as web developers can do better than this?! Let’s build a game!

It’s 2021 and we’re still mid pandemic, which means we’re social distancing and missing our friends. Many of us have been playing multiplayer games in place of hanging out with our friends. But have you considered building your own games?

This talk will go over how to build a fun multiplayer game which runs in the browser. The game will use Vue.js, real-time messaging, peer to peer architecture and some simple state management, and we’ll cover how and why I chose these technologies. By talk end you’ll have all the knowledge you need to build a fun game for your friends and family.

Jo Franchetti

Developer Advocate at Ably

Jo is a developer advocate at Ably. She is passionate about Realtime Data, PWAs and great CSS. She’s got 10 years experience as a front end developer and has worked in various parts of the tech industry from startups, agencies, charities to large organisations. She is also a mentor and organiser at where she is able to act on her passion not only for teaching good use of the web but also for improving the diversity and inclusivity of the tech industry.

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