Hello postman! AI on the edge detects you.

#IoT is a familiar topic, #AI is the new topic! Bringing the two together and you have amazing opportunities. The field of machine learning is gaining momentum and is now a lot easier to use for people like us - developers. It is important for me to take away the "fear" of AI topics and to show the new possibilities of Machine Learning for people, that are Non-Data scientists.
Based on my own story and a live demo, I guide the participant from the idea to the practical implementation in the field of AI (enabled through Azure). I will discuss technologies such as Cognitive Services, Container as well as IoT Edge and explain the technical procedure. At the end of my presentation, the participants will understand the potentials as well as the challenges and will get the first entry points for their own scenarios.

Top 3 Highlights of Attending:
- See building a Custom Vision Model in Azure and running it on the device
- Watch live, how to detecting a post car in the room, by a device, consuming, what we build in Azure
- It's a real-life story, so the audience gets pure experiences

Thomas Tomow

Azure MVP - Cloud, IoT & AI - Leadership & Community

Stockach, Germany

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