Azure Automation and Microsoft Graph your dream team to find inactive and ownerless Microsoft Teams

Join us for an engaging session addressing a common challenge in the Microsoft Teams landscape. With the platform's user-driven nature, the proliferation of Teams is a daily occurrence. We encounter multiple teams on similar subjects, unused teams, or those forgotten after project completion.
The real quandary lies in what to do with this myriad of Teams. Equally crucial is the lack of oversight on team usage and ownership status.
In this session, we'll explore the imperative of maintaining an overview of Teams and the potential issues stemming from inactive or ownerless ones. I'll unveil the challenges posed by these scenarios and demonstrate a solution using Azure Automation and the Microsoft GraphAPI.
Discover a straightforward approach to identify inactive or ownerless Teams and learn actionable steps to manage them effectively. Join me to delve into the significance of Team management and how to craft solutions tailored to your organization's needs.

Thorsten Pickhan

Senior Microsoft UC Consultant, Speaker and Community Worker

Witten, Germany


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