Microsoft Teams and Telephony – a must have for modern workplace

Modern workplaces and flexible “offices” are important topics and have gained momentum especially during Covid-19. Often the last, missing part in companies to roll out this new way to work is telephony via landline. Usually you’re not able to move the desk phone to your home office, so you’re either not reachable via Office number or you use expensive forwarding settings to your mobile phone. But outgoing calls still don’t present your office number.
Maybe you already use teams to work from home, to chat with colleagues, work together on the projects and tasks. So this session will explain what’s necessary to bring telephony into Microsoft Teams to empower more people to work, where ever they are. This is not only about the technical part like configuring MS Teams in the backend but how to create a positive mindset for the users and help them to use this new technology with enterprise approved adoption concepts.

Thorsten Pickhan

Senior Microsoft UC Consultant, Speaker and Community Worker

Witten, Germany


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