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Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany

Microsoft Stream rocks the company!

With Microsoft Stream, we have a video platform in Office 365, which supports the handling and consumption of moving images with sound in the company very well. There are many possible use cases: training videos with Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Team Meeting recordings, Live Events or the integration in SharePoint, Yammer and Microsoft Teams - never making it easier to use the media type of video in the company.
In this session, I'll take you on a journey through the various use cases of Microsoft Stream, inspiring your imagination to use video in your company. The current governance options are also highlighted.

Tomislav Karafilov

Office 365 Solution Specialist

Tomislav Karafilov is Office 365 Solution Specialist working at deroso Solutions GmbH Cologne. With more than 17 years of .NET and more than ten years of SharePoint experience, he takes care of the classic and modern .NET development as well as consulting and support for SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure clients. Video is very important to him. In addition to visiting community events and conferences on topics related to Microsoft, he is speaker and co-founder (organizer, presenter, speaker) of the "Microsoft Cloud and Collaboration Community Hannover (MSCCCH)" and the "C # / .NET Meetup Hannover (dotnethaj)".

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