Unmasking SQL Superpowers with dbachecks!

In the sprawling metropolis of SQL City, instances of non-compliance lurk in the shadows, threatening the harmony of your data haven. When manual methods feel like scaling skyscrapers barehanded, what's an SQL superhero to do? Behold, dbachecks – the caped crusader of PowerShell modules! Crafted by a league of community heroes, this tool lets you soar over SQL City, ensuring every nook and cranny is safeguarded. From the timeliness of CHECKDB and backups to the secret lairs of Query Store configurations, dbachecks has your heroic back. But wait, there’s more! Tailor its powers to your liking or decode the PowerBI signal in the sky, clear enough for sidekicks and city officials (yes, managers) alike. Dive into our superhero HQ to learn how to patrol your SQL universe, without having to invent your own supergadgets.