Using dbachecks to Validate Your SQL Server Estate

Checking that all your SQL server instances are in compliance with your standards can be a tedious task if you have to do it manually. Well, that is where dbachecks comes in. This open-source PowerShell community written module makes this task easy. It can be run across your entire estate to check your instances are meeting all your standards. It has several built-in tests for things such as how long ago was CHECKDB run, how long ago were backups run, are your SQL Agent operators correct, is Query Store configured properly, is DAC allowed, is the instance CIS compliant, are your autogrowth settings correct, do you have too many VLFs in your log file, and many more. You can even write your own if they don’t exist in the module. The results can be displayed in a PowerBI report that is easy for managers to understand and saved to a database for historical reporting.

Come to this session to learn how to leverage this PowerShell module to make sure your environment is meeting your standards everywhere without having to write your own solution.