Better together - Learn what's possible for Collaboration within Power Apps

Power Apps are powerful, elegant and versatile tools that require teamwork to build. In conventional app development, teams would collaborate and each member would contribute to a small piece of the final product. However, Power Platform is not very friendly to co-creation or co-operation in app development or automation scenarios. It's more like creating side by side, rather than together. To help your design, development and business teams work more efficiently and deliver better apps faster, Microsoft has improved the collaboration features in their products over the past year.
Vivian will share her insights on the various collaboration options within the Power Platform and show you what is possible and what is not when working together on your apps.

- Who? - This session is for anyone who builds canvas or model-driven apps
- What? - Exploring collaboration features, such as copresence and coauthoring, and how to use them wisely
- How? - Through demonstrations and lessons learned from different projects
- Why? - To enhance your teamwork, discover what is available in each region and how to optimize the functionality

Vivian Voss

Microsoft Business Application MVP / Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Architect

Sønderborg, Denmark


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