In the Flow of Dataverse: Leveraging Plugins & Power Automate Intelligently

Navigating Power Platform effectively requires a solid grasp of Dataverse plugins and Power Automate flows. Luise and Yannick will guide you through the practicalities of these tools, helping you enhance your applications and processes strategically.


We'll dive into the creation, management, and troubleshooting of plugins and flows, offering practical guidance and showcasing real-world apps to underline each step of the journey. Clear strategies to circumnavigate potential challenges will be highlighted, offering a straightforward path through common issues.


This session explores the distinction and selection between plugins and flows, examining their respective advantages and limitations. Through real scenarios and tangible use-cases, we’ll delve into when and why you might select one over the other and how to implement them effectively.


Making informed choices between plugins and flows is vital for developing efficient, user-friendly solutions within the Power Platform. Whether it’s managing real-time data, enforcing business rules, or automating processes, the knowledge gained in this session will equip you to make decisions that ensure your applications are robust, scalable, and meet user needs effectively.

Yannick Reekmans

Solution Architect @ Qubix | Business Applications & M365 MVP

Mol, Belgium

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