Yannick Reekmans

Yannick Reekmans

Microsoft Solution Architect @ Qubix | Business Applications & M365 Development MVP

Mol, Belgium

Yannick (a Microsoft 365 Development & Business Applications MVP) is born and raised in SharePoint, starting out his career in 2011 when SharePoint 2010 was still new and shiny. The changing reality of the cloud made him expand his knowledge to the whole of Microsoft 365, Azure, and Power Platform. He is a Managing Partner and Cloud Solution Architect at Qubix, a Belgium-based consultancy firm, responsible for the technical underpinnings of products and solutions. Problem solving and development are his passion, still working day to day with code. He always asks the important questions: How does it work? What do you want to achieve? Do we really need development for this? Where's the coffee?


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Office365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Graph
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Power Platform
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate

What are Power Pages and why you should put them in your toolbox!

A high-paced, energetic introduction to Power Pages. Learn what Power Pages are and aren't, how they are different (or not) from their predecessor Power Apps Portals, and the benefits + challenges of using them. Take a peek at the new Studio and out-of-the-box templates for your next Pages project!

What, why and how of ALM in the Power Platform

"Friends don't let friends right-click publish" has been a thing for years in development, and now it is time to put it in practice with the Power Platform too!
Learn about the different components and pieces necessary, the prep work, and the pipelines in Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions.

Dynamics 365 + Teams: a match made in the cloud

Microsoft Teams is the defacto irreplaceable tool for collaboration, internal and external communication, and even calling or webinars. The modules of Dynamics 365 offer the best experiences regarding sales pipelines and forecasting, invoicing, marketing, and many more depending on the module itself.

But what happens when you combine these 2 great tools? This is exactly what Vivian and Yannick will do during this session! They will walk you through the most interesting options to integrate your processes with Dynamics 365 and Teams, increasing efficiency for both your users and the organization as a whole.

Automate user, license and access management by combining the best of Dataverse and Azure AD

On all platforms, continuous user and access management is a pain for administrators. Hiring, firing, retiring, and changing positions, … all require the administrator to make changes in Azure Active Directory and Dataverse/Dynamics.
Vivian and Yannick will demonstrate learnings from a real-life customer case, using automated processes and out-of-the-box functionalities to maximize the use of information already existing in Dataverse and Azure AD. It simplifies the work and lets the customer focus on more important tasks!

Implementing Power Platform with Power Platform Landing Zones

Looking for a reference on how to implement Power Platform in your organization? Want to learn how to construct and operate Power Platform at scale and align your efforts with the Center of Excellence framework? Luise and Yannick will walk you through the six critical design areas for Power Platform – Licensing, Identity & Access Management, considerations for Security, Governance, and Compliance, Environment strategy, Business continuity & disaster recovery, and Platform Automation & DevOps. They will guide you regarding what you need to consider and what is recommended as good practice, elaborating on the common “It depends” response.

Build an entire Teams tab UI with Adaptive Cards only

It’s difficult and time consuming to give your apps a nice, consistent, responsive UI across devices, platforms and colour schemes. With Adaptive Cards this is a thing of the past, so wouldn’t it be great if you could use them to build your complete Teams tab? This way, you can focus on the business logic and not the look and feel.
Let’s take a working app created with Adaptive Cards, and look at how this is done!

Power Pages and Azure AD B2C: a deep-dive and advanced scenario's

How do Azure AD B2C and Power Pages work together? The basic setup has been discussed before, but the inner workings are rarely uncovered. Learn about the magic in this session, with external identities, access token inspection, and custom user journeys. And as a cherry on top: discover how these techniques allowed us to use one B2C identity for multiple Portal contacts!

Learnings from a Microsoft 365 developer moving into the Power Platform

Yannick has been developing for 10 years, first on SharePoint and then on Microsoft 365. Most recently he started moving into Power Platform development, and he has been supporting a team of Dynamics 365 consultants moving into this cloud world. It provided some unique learnings and insights from both perspectives.
This session will cover patterns and practices for M365 development that can transfer to Power Platform, Microsoft Graph (and its wealth of information) & a lot of practical tidbits from real-world experience!

Teams tab SSO: because once authentication is done, everything else is easy 😉😇

Authentication is hard, but it's also the first step in every Microsoft Teams tab development project. Learn how to properly implement Single Sign-On authentication and get an access token, so your app can run in Teams and as a standalone web application. Because once you have an access token, all data is within your reach!

Hello from the other side - how makers and developers make a FusionDev team

FusionDev is the collaboration between makers and developers - but how can we make this work? Luise and Yannick will walk you through some considerations and their real-world experiences why both roles are better together. Get an idea on how to ensure that maker solutions still comply with governance and security requirements. Learn how makers can benefit from developers' experience with proper tooling, DevOps pipelines and more. Understand which concepts developers can learn from makers to implement faster and with improved alignment to business needs. Go home with examples, demo's and lessons learned that you can apply yourself!

Build a Microsoft Teams Meeting Bingo app

Are your online meetings boring? Are your meeting participants not paying attention? Sick of slideware sessions?
“Meeting Bingo” to the rescue! Learn how to build an in-meetings app for Microsoft Teams, and leave with a tool to boost team morale and time usage, has entertaining gamification and will keep your attendees from zoning out. And you'll get to see a lot more code than slides. Nothing but wins, for everyone!

Become a maker of makers & get rid of the lame parts of development by leveraging the Power Platform

You see the Power Platform take a high flight at your company and you are wondering what this means for you, a developer. Will it mean more work because you now need to control all those self-claimed makers? Are you reduced to cleaning up the crappy apps that those pesky clickity clickity people create?

No, not if we follow the #FusionDev approach. Join this session to discover all opportunities for a pro-dev in the Power Platform, to empower Makers in building awesome, performant and secure applications and enriching them with your code-first development pieces (in Azure Functions, API Management or the PowerApps Component Framework). You can focus on the challenging parts of development, and they can create apps to solve their immediate business needs and won't bother you with boring stuff. #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner

Custom development or the Power Platform, what to pick for your next Microsoft Teams customization?

Microsoft Teams extensibility is no longer just for the Pro Dev, with the release of CDS lite/Dataflex/Project Oakdale. Sure, Power Apps and Power Automate already had their place within Teams, but CDS lite/Dataflex/Project Oakdale takes this to another level. This session will give you the pro's and con's of CDS lite/Dataflex/Project Oakdale, how it compares to the Pro Dev Microsoft Teams extensibility model and why you would pick one over the other. If you are lucky, even a tiny bit of licensing will be covered.
Will you CDS lite/Dataflex/Project Oakdale your next customization, or doesn't it flex far enough for your needs? Join me and let's find out!

You've got a Microsoft Teams application: how to handle distribution and increase reach?

You've spent months developing your awesome application for Microsoft Teams, but it's of no use if it is only available for your development team. Time to look at all ways to package and deploy your Microsoft Teams application from development phase, over initial testing with a limited group and corporate distribution, to distributing as an ISV to the outside world. We'll also touch on the developer attestation and app certification process as a means to increase the trust in your application, get a more visibility in the app store and reach more users.

Microsoft Teams for Developers: an introduction

"Microsoft Teams is a platform", what does this even mean? You keep hearing that you should integrate your application in Microsoft Teams, but you have no idea how to get started? Customers keep asking you to integrate capabilities of Microsoft Teams in their existing applications, but it's still unknown territory?
This and more is what we'll be answering with an overview of the Microsoft Teams developer story, you'll be itching to start and bring your own experiences to Microsoft Teams.

10 things to think about when developing an application for Microsoft Teams

What experience would bring value to my users? Which development framework to use? What UI framework to use? These are just a couple of questions that come up in that design phase of your new Microsoft Teams application. We'll run through 10 most common things you need to consider when architecting your application, discuss the pro's and con's of each and provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions next time you are architecting an application for Microsoft Teams.

3x15 minutes: advanced techniques in Microsoft Teams tab development

Extending Microsoft Teams with a custom application is super powerful. Are you scared to implement device capabilities, deep linking or Activity Feed integration in your own Teams tab? Learn how to integrate them in an existing app, in under 15 minutes each!

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Yannick Reekmans

Microsoft Solution Architect @ Qubix | Business Applications & M365 Development MVP

Mol, Belgium