Introduction to Power Automate's "when an action is executed" trigger for Dataverse

As soon as your implementation involves Dataverse, I'm sure you use the "When a row is added, modified, or deleted" trigger in Power Automate. It's useful and easy, but it might mean modifying rows on "helper fields" just to get the flow to run.
Or what if you'd like your flow to run when some built-in system action is executed, like when two Accounts are merged?

This is where the "When an action is performed" Dataverse trigger comes in! Yannick will show you the potential of this undervalued trigger, and how you can start using it in your projects.
You'll learn when it makes sense to look into this trigger, how you can add your own actions, and what this could mean for the architecture of your bigger applications.

Yannick Reekmans

Solution Architect @ Qubix | Business Applications & M365 MVP

Mol, Belgium


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