Streamlining environment lifecycles with Power Platform CLI & Azure DevOps

Yannick hates to do anything twice, and loves to automate it all! Join this session to learn how you can too by using the Power Platform CLI in Azure DevOps pipelines to automate all actions related to the lifecycle of Power Platform environments:
- Creating new developer environments on behalf of a user
- Copy/restore an environment before a big production release
- Running custom PowerShell in the same pipeline
- …
Learn how to use the Azure DevOps build tools for Power Platform for all your environment lifecycle needs, resulting in an industrialized procedure and reducing the chance of human errors along the way. Cherry on top: he shares how to reuse the Power Platform CLI & Azure DevOps authentication information in your own scripts, opening unlimited possibilities for customization through the standard Dataverse APIs as well as the brand new Power Platform Service APIs!

Yannick Reekmans

Solution Architect @ Qubix | Business Applications & M365 MVP

Mol, Belgium


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