Yoan Thirion

Information & Communications Technology

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Organize collectivelly your tech watch with "Xtrem Tech Watch"

Software developers usually do technological watch on their own. It is often a single-person activity done during free time at home or at work between two tasks.
But how can we organize this technology watch more efficiently ?
Adrien and I have experimented different solutions to this problem and it evolves into something that we want to share with you : “Xtrem Tech Watch”

It is a technique that allows groups of people to discover together and align themselves on new topics.

Yoan Thirion

Agile Technical Coach @yoan-thirion.com, Software craftsman, #teamPlayer

I am passionate about agility and liberated organizations. I became addicted to agility from my first reading of the manifesto and am firmly convinced that the only way to work is by considering people as individuals in their own right and no longer as "resources".
My personal aspiration is to help as many teams as possible to deliver in the best possible conditions by helping them develop their capabilities.

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