Yoan Thirion

Information & Communications Technology

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

The devs: the Forgotten of Agility

In 2001, brilliant developers came together around an idea: we have to do our jobs differently that's why they have created the Agile Manifesto.
Since then, Agile frameworks and methods claiming to be heirs have proliferated.
Organisations have been created and have built flourishing businesses around Agility..

Little by little, Agility has been diverted and no longer belongs to developers.

During this session we will demonstrate how the Craftsmanship movement can help and give you keys to re-on-board them.

Yoan Thirion

Agile Technical Coach @yoan-thirion.com, Software craftsman, #teamPlayer

I am passionate about agility and liberated organizations. I became addicted to agility from my first reading of the manifesto and am firmly convinced that the only way to work is by considering people as individuals in their own right and no longer as "resources".
My personal aspiration is to help as many teams as possible to deliver in the best possible conditions by helping them develop their capabilities.

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