Exploring Ktor with Coroutines

In this talk, I will present how Ktor achieves high extensibility and flexibility by exploring the design of Ktor and relationship between Ktor and Coroutines, based on what I learned about Ktor architecture when developing Ktor Custom Feature.

Ktor from JetBrains is a lightweight and high extensibility web application framework focusing on Unopinionated, Asynchronous, and Testable.
Ktor pipeline machinery using Coroutines provides easy-to-use asynchronous programming model to Ktor.
Also, Feature and pluggable interception mechanism make Ktor lightweight and extensible by separating the many functions performed to process requests from the implementation of the core part of Ktor.
Such architecture of Ktor helps developers to develop applications according to their use cases flexibly.

This talk gives you a deep understanding of how Ktor works with Coroutines and helps you to customize Ktor and develop applications more flexible. Furthermore, this will help you not only develop applications using Ktor but also develop software based on asynchronous using Coroutines.

Yuji Koyano

Android application and backend engineer, Recruit

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