Accessibility in M365 - A Whistlestop Tour

Moving to Microsoft 365 delivers significant productivity and capability benefits to workforces, and provides them with technology which can truly transform and modernise their ways of working. However one of the benefits which isn't that well known is perhaps one of the most important, and that is the out-of-the-box accessibility functionality available within Microsot 365.

During this session, I will explain what accessibility is, why Microsoft are focusing on accessibility as a priority, and why inclusivity is so important for all of us. We will look at the different types of accessibility features that help with vision, hearing, mobility and neurological ie autism or dyslexia as an example.

I will then follow on with a practical demonstration of the accessibility features available in Microsoft 365 which will include:
- Features available within the desktop clients of the Office apps.
- Edge browser accessibility features
- Teams and Stream
- Windows 10

This is not intended to be an exhaustive demonstration covering every feature in detail. Audience members will take away with them a practical understanding of key accessibility features within Microsoft 365. This will immediately allow them to create more inclusive and accessible content for their colleagues and customers, and also empower those with accessibility requirements to learn more about the wealth of tools available to them.

I will also share resources with audience members to help them learn more following the session.

Zoe Wilson

Global Modern Work Data, Apps & Workflow Practice Lead, Executive

Nottingham, United Kingdom

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