Creating a More Inclusive Workplace

2020 was a year that delivered many challenges for all of us - lockdown across the UK triggered a significant transformation in weeks, with many organisations having to quickly enable technology that would help people work more effectively from home.

However, a lot of people found this more challenging due to disabilities, mental health conditions and the loss of the in-person contact and support network that they previously had in the office.

Microsoft 365 is a productivity platform which has accessibility features embedded within its DNA. Many of these are hidden in plain sight, with people not realising the capabilities they have at their disposal, which can help make it easier for them to use and work with technology. Additionally, there are also many things that we can all do as individuals to help us be more inclusive - whether it is through creating more inclusive content or changing how we interact with people through technology.

In this session, I will share:
- the top accessibility features hidden across Microsoft 365, and how they can make it easier for you to work
- how to create more inclusive content in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
- how I use Microsoft Teams for social connections with my colleagues
- tips for running inclusive meetings in Microsoft Teams

Zoe Wilson

Global Modern Work Data, Apps & Workflow Practice Lead, Executive

Nottingham, United Kingdom

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