Speakers - your community needs you! Mastering Microsoft Community Speaking

Many people attend events and look at those on stage wondering how to get there, or who are interested in speaking but don't know how to get started - or whether they even have something valuable to share! We firmly believe that everyone has a story - everyone has a different perspective, different experiences, different learnings, and can contribute their own story in a way that will be valuable to someone out there.

This workshop is for you if you are already an event speaker and looking to polish your skills, or not yet a speaker and looking to get into speaking at events but don't know how to get started. We will break down some of the mystery about speaking at tech events in a way that will help you get started on this journey. Facilitated by professional presenters, and with guest appearances from some of the greats.

In this workshop we'll be looking three areas:
1. Session Abstracts and Submissions, including how to find events to submit to
2. Presentation Preparation and Session Content
3. Delivery Techniques

Activities you will carry out during the workshop:
• Analyze session submissions
• Analyze session delivery
• Write a session submission
• Create and deliver a short session (this could be solo or co-delivery)

For this workshop you will need:
• Note taking equipment
• Device with software for creating presentations such as PowerPoint

Zoe Wilson

Global Modern Work Data, Apps & Workflow Practice Lead, Executive

Nottingham, United Kingdom


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