Samuel Macharia

Samuel Macharia

Software Developer Intern - Taquana

Nairobi, Kenya


Samuel Macharia, is a strong advocate for vibrant tech communities and consistent open-source contributions. He is also a technical writer.

His slogan, "The tech sky is wide enough for every tech star to shine," fuels his volunteer work at developer communities such as DevSource Community India as the Outreach Head, Google Developer Student Clubs Lead at the University of Eastern Africa - Baraton, Google Crowdsource as an Influencer, AWS User Group Kenya as a Technical Speaker Guide, AWS Student Community as the Design Team Lead, Postman KE as a Postman Student Leader, Write the Docs Kenya as an Events Manager, Microsoft Community as a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, Google Developer Groups Eldoret, and aiming to attract more tech enthusiasts to the tech world.

His journey to enlighten newcomers in the industry and exchange knowledge with experts is endless.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Frontend Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Community Building
  • public speaking
  • Developer Relations

Breaking Down Barriers: How Interop is Fostering a More Inclusive and Accessible Web

This session will update attendees on the latest web features introduced by browser rendering engines like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. The talk will cover features such as container queries, media queries (which enable developers to build responsive websites), and CSS nesting (an advanced concept often used in CSS preprocessors). Additionally, the session will enlighten the audience on new ways to compress website data to ensure a fast and efficient user experience.

UI/UX Trends in Android Development

This session is meant to enlighten the audience on the latest UI/UX trends and best practices in 2023.

MongoDB 101: Non-relational databases for beginners

Dive into the fascinating world of non-relational databases alongside GDSC University of Eastern Africa, Baraton with this session tailored just for you! 🤓💡

No prior experience required 🌍💻

Uncover the power of MongoDB, a leading NoSQL database, and discover how it revolutionizes data management. 🔄

Say goodbye to traditional tables and embrace the flexibility of document-oriented storage. 📊

Get hands-on insights on schema-less design, scalability, and real-world applications. 🚀

See you there👉🏻: https://tinyurl.com/mongodb-101

Don't miss out! 🎉

#DeveloperStudentClubs #MongoDB #NoSQL 🚀

Postman API 101: Unraveling the Power of APIs

🚀 Excited to dive into the world of APIs?

Join us for the exhilarating Postman API 101 event, where we'll unravel the power of APIs through hands-on demos and valuable insights into the realm of Postman! 🌐✨

This session is your gateway to demystifying API essentials, arming you with the knowledge to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. 🛠️📡

See you there👉: http://tinyurl.com/psl-101

Don't miss out on this learning journey that promises to empower you in the world of APIs! 🚀🔗

#PostmanAPI101 #APIFundamentals #TechExploration 🌈🚀

API Day with Postman 2024 - Basics of API for Beginners

🚀 Explore the world of APIs, Clients & Servers

See you there👉🏻: https://tinyurl.com/gdscueab-apiday-2024

#PostmanAPI101 #APIFundamentals #TechExploration 🌈🚀

API 101 with Postman

🎉Let's get started for the Postman API 101 Event !🥳🥳

💻 No prior software experience required (for beginners)!

📣 Don't forget to add the following social tags when sharing about the event: #PostmanStudent #PostmanAPI #API101

Event link 👉🏻: https://x.com/engeniusam/status/1651205570194468864

#PostmanAPI101 #APIFundamentals

Samuel Macharia

Software Developer Intern - Taquana

Nairobi, Kenya


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