Priyank Shankar

Priyank Shankar


Delhi, India

A B.Tech student with 2 years of experience in Android Development.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Kotlin Coroutines
  • Dependency Injection

A quick ROOMtour

To store relational data on the device itself using ROOM can be quite helpful. The session will give a brief overview of room database and how to set it up on your project in quite simple steps. What are the best practices while using room in your project, how to tackle the problem of storing non-primitive datatypes in room. And the session will also try to cover about some bits about different types of migrations available in room

All about Android Auto

Developing Apps for android auto can be a bit challenging, and now with the advent of Android Automotive OS things have become a bit more challenging. My focus with this session will be to make my audience outline and roadmap sort of thing to "How to make any app support Android Auto", there are some permissions to look out for, and there are some guidelines to follow too, although there are ways to make an app from scratch in implementing Android Auto, but google kind of has broadly divided all the application into some groups like Navigation Apps, Messaging Apps, Media apps, etc. And google provides templates for each one of them for developers to utilize and develop apps on top of them. During my session, I will present all of this information so that every person who attends this session
Gets to learn
1. What is Android Auto and Android Automotive OS
2. What's the basic difference between them.
3. What are the bare minimum steps you need to follow to make any app support android auto.
4. Now when your app supports android auto, what are all the ways to develop the desired functionalities in it.

Paging Made Easy

Paging can be done in a bunch of ways, depending upon your needs. With the Paging3 library, it can be done by following some simple steps. Join me in this session to see how simple paging can be

Hack Your Way Into The Google Workspace API's

Connecting your Android App to Google workspace APIs like Gmail API can be quite tricky sometimes. Join me in this session to get to know how to connect to any workspace api easily as most of them are almost identical in their way of functioning at the surface level.

MVVM and DI ! There's a reason everyone is talking about it

Anyone who is getting started with android development usually stumbles upon the terms MVVM architecture and Dependency Injection, though almost everyone can define them but most of them do not understand what's the need or use MVVM or DI.

In my session I would like to explain what is MVVM, what problems does it solve, and how do companies use MVVM to their advantage. I would also like to discuss about a mixture of MVVM and clean architecture, as it may help people broaden their perspective about Android Architecture.

Then I will also help understand the main problem which Dependency Injection solves(For eg: You need to build an instance of Room in ViewModel, and for that, you need ApplicationContext, but unfortunately that's not available in ViewModels, that's where Dependency Injection Comes to rescue), after we all have an intuition of the problem, with the help of Dagger Hilt I will show how to solve the problem. And I will also just give an overview about the other benefits of using DI like, promoting code reusability, making testing easy, etc.

Key Takeaways and Learning Points
The session will help folks
- Understand the need for MVVM, and its advantages
- Understand the need for DI and its advantages
-Understand how people usually go with designing the architecture of an android app

I will keep the session in a way that we first identify a problem , and then try to solve it , and then I introduce the topic or the technology as a way/tool to solve the problem

I have worked with MVVM and DI in both of the internships I did , I have made several personal projects using both too, the eye-opening experience for me regarding android architecture was when I was part of the team working on building an app from scratch and we finalized on using a combination of MVVM and clean architecture as it best suited our needs!

DI For Dummies

In this lightning talk I will first explain to people what exactly is dependency injection, why do we need it I will include some practical use cases, then after we are done with the theory I will just a demo of how to use dependency injection using Dagger Hilt

Key Takeaways
- Learn about the need of DI, what problem does it solve
- Understand what exactly is DI, what all benefits it offers like easier testing and stuff
-Learn the fundamentals of Dagger-Hilt

I am fairly experienced in this domain, I have worked with DI a lot , and I have always used Dagger Hilt for it

Priyank Shankar


Delhi, India