Stefanie Kruse

Stefanie Kruse

Creating Sustainable Digital Products

Hamburg, Germany


Stefanie Kruse is a Hamburg-based product designer dedicated to building, consulting on, and advocating for responsible and sustainable digital products. She combines her educational background in business and computer science with a love for design and great user experiences and can draw from years of product management experience in sustainability-focused companies. Today, she is working with impact-oriented companies and NGOs to build more sustainable and inclusive digital products.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Environment & Cleantech


  • Sustainable IT
  • Sustainable development goals
  • Sustainable Technology
  • Sustainable UX
  • inclusive design

reThinking Digital Products: What tech people can do for a better future.

Technology holds the key to solving our environmental and societal problems, right?

But in reality, digital products are part of the problem, from their environmental impact to promoting inequalities and wasteful behaviors in consumers. Looking into the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we can raise awareness about the unsustainable aspects of digital products.

But there is hope: a growing movement of tech professionals from designers to developers to product people are contributing to a more responsible and eco-friendly internet. In this talk, we will explore actionable ideas to make your digital products more sustainable and you will learn how to join the movement and where to get started with sustainable product development.

Session can be tailored to the target audience: more general tech audience or specifically for designers, developers, product people with more deep dive examples relating to their field.

From stereotypes to diversity: How to make your personas more inclusive

In today's tech landscape, user personas are invaluable tools for understanding your target audience. However, they can sometimes perpetuate stereotypes and inadvertently exclude people. From simply missing to represent diversity to centering around a mainstream user or perpetuating gender stereotypes—there are some common pitfalls that may even lead to product teams abandoning user personas altogether. In this talk, we will look how an Inclusive Design approach can help you create personas that truly represent your diverse audience. Based on a case study from the healthcare sector, we will cover practical tools and methods as well as real-world examples.

Duration: 25-40 minutes.
Audience: Digital product builders (mainly designers, product managers, marketeers)
First public delivery: Nov '23

From Code to Conscience: Navigating the Sustainability of Modern Technologies

You have probably heard about the impact of bitcoin mining on the environment. But have you thought about the sustainability of newer technologies like generative AI or virtual reality? And what about other aspects of sustainability apart from CO2 emissions and the climate?

In this talk we will explore the impact of ever-evolving technologies through the holistic lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and take a look at how they are shaping the fabric of work, society and our everyday lives. We will investigate real-world examples of modern technologies and their positive and negative influence on the environment, social (in)equalities, and mental health.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, product person or tech enthusiast: I invite you to learn how to use modern technologies responsibly and unlock their potential to drive positive change and create a more sustainable world for all.

From Talk to Action: 7 Strategies to Integrate Digital Sustainability

Digital Sustainability is one of the trending topics that you’ll find on almost every conference agenda nowadays. If you ever found yourself wondering “Isn’t that even more work?” or “How do I convince stakeholders?” — then this talk is your guide.
No matter if you are a developer, designer, product person, I invite you to discover how to address common concerns and challenges and how to actually start doing something. We will cover 7 strategies that you can use to propose, practice, and present more ethical and sustainable product development in your work.

Stefanie Kruse

Creating Sustainable Digital Products

Hamburg, Germany


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