Tom Morgan

Information & Communications Technology

Skype for Business Microsoft Teams Develoment

Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Tom Morgan

Product Innovation Architect, Microsoft MVP

Tom is a Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business developer and Microsoft MVP with over 10 years experience in the software development industry. For the last 7 years he has worked at Modality Systems, a specialist provider of Universal Communications services, as Product Innovation Architect.

Tom is passionate about creating great software that people will find useful. He enjoys blogging and speaking about Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams development, Office365, Bot Framework, Cognitive Services and AI, and the future of the communications industry. He blogs at and tweets at @tomorgan.

Current sessions

Building your first Microsoft Teams Application - tips and tricks from design to submission

Successfully releasing a Microsoft Teams application is about more than just writing the code. RememberThis was released earlier this year to the Teams App Store, a combination of Bot Framework code, Azure services, AI and Teams User Interface components.

Join Tom Morgan as he shares how RememberThis was built and covers the entire app creation process with the tips and tricks he's picked up; from idea and design, through development tools and shortcuts, adding natural-language processing, Azure hacks to make sure you're not wasting money and can scale, to submission to the App Store. If you've always wanted to write a Teams application and see your name in the App Store, this talk will fill in the gaps to going from Big Idea to Published App.

Past and future events

nor(DEV)con - Norfolk Developers Conference

Sessions delivered:

- Developers, Developers, Developers - What can today's Microsoft offer you?
- What is Microsoft Teams & Why do I Care?
- Build a Bot in 90 mins (workshop)
21 Feb - 23 Feb 2019
Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Microsoft Ingite | The Tour (Tel Aviv)

Sessions delivered:

- What's New in Microsoft Teams? (60 min breakout)
- Microsoft Teams Developer Platform: my top 5 features (15 min theatre)
- Architecting teamwork with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint (60 min breakout)
- 15 minutes of code - Creating a Teams IVR Bot (15 min theatre)
- Deep Dive - Building an IVR experience in Teams with the new Calls and Meetings API (60 min breakout)
21 Jan - 23 Jan 2019
Tel Aviv, Israel

Evolve Conference

9 Sep 2018
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom