Valarie Regas

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Valarie Regas

DevOps Engineer

Valarie Regas is a DevOps fanatic, a Georgia Tech coding bootcamp graduate, and a veteran mommy. She holds a BA in Psychology and currently works as a DevOps Engineer. After years being a stay-at-home mom, she decided to change her life by entering tech, and has learned a lot along the way. In addition to DevOps, she enjoys mixed martial arts fighting, table-top role playing games, public speaking, creating tiny humans, and activism of all sorts.

Youngling developer. Relationship builder. Tech event speaker. Total nerd.

Current sessions

Listen to Your Mother: Getting a Great Job in an Unfair World

Job hunting is a full-time job under the best of circumstances. Let a former stay at home mom who broke into technology tell you the ins and outs of getting your dream job when your resume is a mess. Don't get overwhelmed! Mama's here to help.

I did a 40 minute delivery of this talk at We Rise Tech in Atlanta this June, and it was well received. My talks tend to feel like part advice, part comedy show, part chat with a friend over coffee.

Own Who You Are: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome: a global problem in the sphere of technology. What causes it? How do we stop succumbing to it and thrive in our careers?

Together, we'll explore myriad paths towards being the developers we probably already are, but imposter syndrome tells us we'll never be.

Proper Care and Feeding of Jr. Developers

Jr. Devs require more than just a job; they need help from YOU. More than just a weekly coaching session, or an occasional email with feedback. This talk will focus on actionable tasks which can be implemented by mid- and Sr. Devs to help their Jr. teammates be more effective and efficient team members.

DevOps: A Love Story

This romance involves the partnership of Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins. These technologies are a huge part of the DevOps movement, and are making the heart of many development teams flutter. Let me introduce you to these three. You’re going to fall head over heels.

The talk requires the ability to share my screen, as there are demonstrations involved. I have spoken at a few conferences, and have had glowing reviews; I deliver my sessions in a comical way, and engage the audience with humor. This session (30-45 mins) is targeted at developers of any skill level who need to be familiar with DevOps in a general sense, and the specific technologies mentioned in particular.