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Viktor Hedberg

Viktor Hedberg

Senior Technical Architect @ Truesec AB

Värnamo, Sweden


Security consultant with a focus on Microsoft Security either on-prem or in the cloud, and a blueteamer at heart. Viktor has worked within IT for the past 10 years always within Cyber Security. Working for public sector in Sweden for years but now as a specialist at Truesec AB focusing on proactive security measures, DFIR and advises on all things cyber.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • IT Security
  • cyber security
  • Cloud Security
  • Azure Security
  • Microsoft 365 Security
  • Security
  • Active Directory
  • Enterprise Security
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Active Directory Certificate Services

Oops, I can read your Conditional Access Policies without being an admin.

This session will look at some of the caveats with AAD Graph API. My research found that if you have a token for these APIs, you have pretty much unhindered access for reading and exporting anything that uses AAD Graph.

Including, reading Conditional Access Policies as an end user.

The session will go through how this is possible, how to do it and demoing the toolkit I created for exporting all of this data as an end user.

Manage, Monitor and Secure Windows Server using Azure Arc, Log Analytics and Defender

How do you make sure your hybrid Infrastructure is up to date, secure and keep tracks of security posture?

This session will look at how we can leverage the cloud to secure on-prem, in more ways than one!

Covering topics on Azure Arc, Azure AD, Conditional Access on servers(!) and more...

Tiering in Azure - How should it be done?

We have been talking about Tiering in Active Directory, but when it comes to the cloud, what are the steps needed to be taken in order to achieve administrative Tiering there?

We will cover the basics of Tiering as a whole, with a deeper look into how we can apply a Tiering model on our cloud infrastructure, to make sure that a Threat Actor or Illicit Admin cannot gain more permissions throughout the infrastructure than is required.

Tiering in Active Directory - Prevent exposure of sensitive credentials by going back to basics

In DFIR, we commonly see that the median hops needed to get access of Domain Admin credentials is three. Meaning that when compromised, a TA moves laterally up to three separate systems before getting DA.

In this session, we will talk about how we must get back to basics and protect our sensitive privileges via Tiering and how Authentication Policy Silos provides locking effects on your Domain Administrators.

Extending the PAW mentality to the cloud

Conditional Access is the best way for securing administrative access in the cloud. However, simply enabling MFA on your Cloud Admin account is not enough anymore, with prompt abuse attacks and man in the middle attacks as a constant threat.

This session will show you how to extend your PAW mentality to deal with administrative tasks in the cloud.

Implementing RBAC in Microsoft Defender

The built in roles in Azure Active Directory are not for everyone. Let´s look into how to assume a more role-based access model in Microsoft Defender

Temporary Access Pass - The key for unlocking Passwordless?

Recently, Microsoft announced Temporary Access Pass. Is this the key for unlocking Passwordless in a seamless process? How does it work? In what scenarios will it be used?

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Viktor Hedberg

Senior Technical Architect @ Truesec AB

Värnamo, Sweden


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