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zoe Steinkamp

zoe Steinkamp

Senior Developer Advocate at InfluxData

Denver, Colorado, United States


I'm Zoe Steinkamp, a Developer Advocate for InfluxData with a background in front-end software engineering. I'm passionate about making developers' lives easier and helping them engage with InfluxData's database platform, open-source tools, and time-series data solutions. I also have a keen interest in data science. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and gardening. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, and I look forward to sharing insights and knowledge at virtual and in-person events.


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Powering the Future: Time Series Tech in Energy Transformation

Today’s energy consumers are turned off by fossil fuels and have turned their attention, and demand, to renewable and greener sources of energy like wind, solar, and biofuels. Traditional utilities are scrambling to provide renewable capacity on their own grids, and new companies, new technology, and new approaches to production and distribution are booming. Too many promising new renewable energy offerings end up as expensive experiments because developers fail to consider the real-time streams of data from their assets, infrastructure, and software. It’s not enough to simply ingest and store time series data. You need to know how to take action with that data, leveraging it for effective tracking, predictive maintenance, and ensuring that data-backed evidence supports the achievement of sustainability goals. This talk will use real customer use cases to go into how people are applying their time series data, and in turn time series databases. 

Ju:niz Energy Storage a Case Study

ju:niz Energy specializes in large-scale energy storage systems that facilitate grid services and enhance trade flexibility within the energy market. Leveraging advanced technology, ju:niz Energy develops intelligent energy management systems to optimize battery storage operations. With a tech stack featuring Telegraf, Modbus, MQTT, Grafana, Docker, AWS, and InfluxDB, they get huge amounts of data on battery health, climate conditions, and more. Learn how ju:niz Energy utilizes InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated, a purpose-built time series database, to efficiently collect sensor data from their batteries, enabling advanced energy consumption analytics. We will look into ju:niz’s industrial IoT monitoring approach, discusses sustainability enhancement strategies across Germany, and emphasizes the significance of leveraging time-stamped data for predictive maintenance in a real life use case.

Telegraf Plugin Development: Extending Telegraf for Custom Data Collection Needs

Telegraf is one of the largest open source agents for collecting, processing, aggregating, and writing metrics. Interested in extending Telegraf to meet your custom data collection needs? Join us for an exploration of Telegraf plugin development. In this session, we'll walk through the process of creating custom Telegraf plugins to collect data from specialized sources or integrate with proprietary systems. We will also go over some of the favorite plugins within the ecosystem, you might just find one to make your life easier!

Unleashing the Power of AI in IoT with InfluxDB

In the rapidly evolving IoT landscape, integrating disparate platforms to harness real-time insights remains a challenge. Many professionals grapple with the complexities of infrastructure setup, data streaming, and achieving cost-efficient scalability. How can one seamlessly merge the capabilities of leading platforms like HiveMQ and InfluxDB 3.0 to create robust, AI-powered IoT solutions? Join this talk for answers and stay ahead in the IoT game.

Streamlining Data Transformation: ETL Best Practices with Mage

In today's data-driven landscape, efficient Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes are essential for deriving insights from vast volumes of data. Join our webinar to discover how to harness the capabilities of, a powerful open-source, hybrid framework, to streamline your ETL workflows. Learn how seamlessly integrates with popular data ecosystems, including InfluxDB, leveraging the Apache Arrow ecosystem for enhanced performance. During the session, we'll delve into ETL best practices and demonstrate how simplifies the creation of materialized views of time series data. Don't miss this opportunity to optimize your data transformation processes and unlock actionable insights with

Simplifying Deployment of Industry 4.0 Applications on Edge Devices

Join us for a comprehensive session led by a specialist from InfluxData, focused on the deployment of Industry 4.0 applications on edge devices. This presentation will delve into the use of the OPC Router from inray Industriesoftware GmbH in combination with InfluxDB to streamline connections between InfluxDB and a variety of industrial and commercial systems. Discover how leveraging these technologies together can facilitate the collection and storage of time-series data from PLCs, sensors, and controllers efficiently. The session will cover:

Effective strategies for collecting and analyzing sensor data using InfluxDB.
Insights into the integration capabilities of the OPC Router with InfluxDB and Portainer.
Expert monitoring tips for Industry 4.0 applications using the latest InfluxDB solutions.
This talk is tailored for developers, system integrators, and technology leaders looking to enhance their smart industrial solutions with cutting-edge data management and analysis tools.

Predictive Maintenance with Quix and InfluxDB

For any business that relies on machinery, regular maintenance is crucial. These days, machines are monitored by sensors and it’s possible to predict anomalous behavior and machine failure from patterns in the data. Whilst it may be straightforward to start collecting sensor data, transforming and enriching that data to unlock its value can be challenging. Achieving accurate prediction requires a robust data pipeline in place to serve forecasting algorithms and ensure timely alerting when a possible problem is detected.
To help make predictive maintenance more accessible to newcomers, we’ve created a simple reference architecture that simulates a fleet of 3D printers. In this webinar we will show you how to use it, how it works and provide the context on how it is enabled by a streaming data pipeline and time series database. We will also share the full source code so you can customize it for your own use.

Leveraging Time-Series Databases for Cloud-Native Applications: Architectural and Practical Insights

In this session, we explore the integration of time-series databases within cloud-native architectures, focusing on scalability, flexibility, and fault tolerance. We discuss how these databases handle large volumes of real-time data through efficient streaming, storage optimization, and query processing. Special attention is given to data retention strategies and volume management to maintain performance in dynamic cloud-native environments. Drawing on open-source examples like InfluxDB, this talk delves into architectural considerations and practical solutions, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of deploying and managing time-series databases effectively. Aimed at developers, architects, and system administrators, the session offers foundational insights for leveraging time-series data to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency in cloud-native applications.

Advancing Renewable Energy Storage: Smart Solutions with MQTT and Modbus Integration

This presentation explores ju:niz Energy GmbH's innovative approach to improving renewable energy storage using MQTT, Modbus, and InfluxDB. Beginning with an introduction to the company and their Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), the session delves into technical aspects such as infrastructure, historical setup, along with the introduction of Edge Data Replication (EDR) for enhanced data transport reliability.

Technical topics include the transition to InfluxDB, data migration challenges, normalization of inconsistent data, and implementation of EDR for reliable data transport. The use of Telegraf to gather data from MQTT and Modbus devices is explored, along with insights into temporary temperature logging and local plant setups. The presentation concludes with Grafana visualizations, improved alert mechanisms, and insights into future projects, demonstrating ju:niz Energy GmbH's commitment to enhancing renewable energy storage through strategic data management.

Building a Real-Time Streaming Task Engine with Quix and InfluxDB

Explore the synergy between Quix and InfluxDB as we unveil the potential of building a real-time streaming task engine. Discover how Quix Community Plugins seamlessly integrate with InfluxDB 3.0, allowing for efficient data ingestion, transformation, and analysis. Join us for practical insights and demonstrations on leveraging these plugins to create dynamic anomaly detection pipelines and derive actionable insights from raw machine data in real time. Unlock the power of real-time analytics with Quix and InfluxDB.

Leveraging InfluxDB and Vector DataBases for High-Performance Time-Series and Vector Data Management

The exponential growth in data generated by IoT devices and digital services necessitates advanced solutions that can efficiently manage, analyze, and derive insights from diverse data types. In this talk, we explore the integration of InfluxDB, a time-series database, with Milvus, a vector database, to create a powerful hybrid data management system capable of handling both time-series and vector data in a unified architecture to detect anomalies in our time series database.

A 101 in time series analytics with Apache Arrow, Pandas and Parquet

Columnar databases are on the rise! They provide an efficient and scalable data warehouse for many use cases including time series data. The problem? many conventional database drivers and querying methods become the bottleneck for data processing and analytics within our client-side applications. Learn how to leverage open-source projects like Apache Arrow Flight and Apache Parquet alongside industry-standard analytics libraries to build the foundations of a performant analytics application for time series data.

Navigating Data Harmony: Exploring the Power of Apache Iceberg

Explore the potential of Apache Iceberg in the world of structured data. Uncover its unique features, including schema evolution and ACID transactions, making it an ideal solution for large-scale datasets. See how Apache Iceberg seamlessly fits into your data architecture, providing flexibility, scalability, and top-notch performance for analytics and data warehousing. Join us for real-world success stories where organizations have saved time and supercharged their business value with Apache Iceberg. Delve into how it enhances data relationships and analytics, making structured datasets more insightful. Get ready for an insightful exploration, where we share practical insights, success stories, and strategies for leveraging Apache Iceberg in structured data management and analytics.

Spy-Fi: The Thrilling World of Vision AI Surveillance

Ever dreamed of having X-ray vision or eyes everywhere? Dive into the thrilling realm of Vision AI surveillance, where technology transforms ordinary cameras into extraordinary spies. Join us as we embark on a mission to explore the fascinating synergy of covert operations and cutting-edge AI.

In this daring journey, we'll reveal how Vision AI, powered by NVIDIA DeepStream, sneaks into our everyday lives. From tracking people, cars, and even road signs, to streaming real-time footage through RTSP servers, our AI agents leave no stone unturned.

Moreover, we will delve into the nuances of MQTT and InfluxDB, the discreet architects orchestrating the comprehensive collection and astute analysis of data acquired by our AI operatives. Brace yourself for a spy-fi narrative where technology converges with intrigue, transcending commonplace conventions to unveil the extraordinary.

Empowering Observability: OpenTelemetry & InfluxDB 3.0 Integration

In today's dynamic DevOps landscape, ensuring seamless observability across diverse data types is a pressing challenge. Join us for an immersive 3-hour training session as we dive into the heart of observability, using the powerful synergy of OpenTelemetry, InfluxDB 3.0, Jaeger, and Grafana. This session is your chance to learn best practices in developing visibility into your microservice architectures.

Embark on a journey of discovery in our comprehensive workshop that demystifies the intricacies of collecting traces, logs, and metrics within a unified database. We will guide you through fundamental questions that arise when dealing with various time series data types, including schema design and data conversion techniques. Through engaging hands-on exercises, you'll learn how to deploy the open telemetry demo—a captivating simulation of real-world traces, logs, and metrics. Witness firsthand the magic of the OpenTelemetry Collector orchestrating the collection process, seamlessly channeling the data to InfluxDB 3.0.

Our expert trainers will accompany you through every step, from provisioning to visualization. Uncover the power of Flight SQL for insightful general-purpose queries and leverage Jaeger's bridging capabilities for immersive visualizations into your traces. Delve into the Service Latency Histogram and untangle the intricate relationships between traces using the span tree. By the end of this transformative workshop, you'll not only grasp the technical aspects but also gain a profound understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of OpenTelemetry. This training is your key to becoming the observability champion your organization needs, irrespective of whether you're a seasoned DevOps engineer or just stepping into the world of observability.

Unleash the Data Revolution: Supercharge Your Applications with InfluxDB

Step into the future of data management and witness the power of InfluxDB firsthand. Join us for an exhilarating session that will redefine the way you handle and harness data. Delve into the world of real-time analytics, lightning-fast querying, and stunning data visualization as we unveil the untapped potential of InfluxDB, the ultimate time series database. Discover how this cutting-edge solution empowers developers to conquer complex data challenges, unlock valuable insights, and fuel innovation like never before. Get ready to embark on a thrilling data revolution and transform the way you build applications with InfluxDB at the helm.

Securing Cloud-Native Apps: InfluxDB and OpenTelemetry's Protective Pact

Dive into the world of application security and join the resilient partnership of InfluxDB and OpenTelemetry Collector as they stand guard against emerging threats. As software architecture shifts from monolithic to cloud-native, vulnerabilities take on a new form. Traditional security measures struggle to keep pace, leaving modern applications vulnerable.

In this insightful presentation, explore the evolution of vulnerabilities from monolithic to cloud-native. Discover how InfluxDB and OpenTelemetry Collector work together to defend against real-world challenges. We'll demonstrate this through a simple example: an interconnected Kubernetes app with microservices, connected by a central message queue. Witness firsthand how OpenTelemetry exposes weak points, showcased using the intuitive Jaeger tool. We'll tackle the complexities of enhancing security tools, navigate test coverage intricacies, and unravel the installation process. This expedition is a mission to safeguard the digital realm. Armed with InfluxDB and OpenTelemetry Collector, we vow to bolster cloud-native security against the tide of threats. Join us in this quest to protect the digital domain, where code, microservices, and data flow are vigilantly guarded by our watchful security allies.

Scaling Time-Series Data Management with InfluxDB on Kubernetes

Step into the exciting world of time-series data management in cloud-native environments! Join us as we explore the seamless integration of InfluxDB, a cutting-edge time-series database, with Kubernetes. Discover deployment patterns, scalability tricks, and best practices for running InfluxDB on Kubernetes. From data ingestion to querying and visualization, we'll guide you through the entire lifecycle, ensuring high availability, data durability, and optimal performance. Don't miss this opportunity to harness the power of InfluxDB and revolutionize your cloud-native applications with scalable and efficient time-series data management!

Harnessing the Power of InfluxDB for DevOps Monitoring and Metrics

As DevOps practices continue to reshape software development and operations, effective monitoring and metrics play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and performance of systems. In this session, we will dive into the capabilities of InfluxDB, a leading time series database, and explore how it can empower DevOps teams to gain deep insights into their infrastructure and applications. From data collection to visualization and alerting, we will discuss best practices for leveraging InfluxDB to monitor key performance indicators, track system health, and drive proactive decision-making. Join us to discover how InfluxDB can be the game-changer in your DevOps journey.

Maximizing Real-Time Data Processing with Apache Kafka and InfluxDB: A Comprehensive Guide

Combining Apache Kafka and InfluxDB can provide a powerful data pipeline for processing and analyzing real-time data. Kafka can be used to ingest data from various sources and stream it to InfluxDB for storage and processing. InfluxDB can then be used to analyze and visualize the data, providing insights and actionable information in real-time. This architecture can be especially useful for IoT applications, where large volumes of sensor data are generated in real-time and need to be processed and analyzed quickly. InfluxDB now offers storage in a parquet file format built on top of the Apache Arrow project that allows for querying in SQL and integration to a larger variety of visualization and analysis tools that Kafka users can now take advantage of. This talk will go into connecting the two platforms and the why, how, and what you can accomplish by doing so.

InfluxDB and IoT: Leveraging Time Series Data for Innovative Business Applications

This session will explore the intersection of InfluxDB and IoT, highlighting the latest trends and developments in time-series data management for connected devices. Attendees will learn how businesses are using InfluxDB to collect, store, and analyze massive amounts of IoT data in real-time, and how this technology is being leveraged to drive innovative new applications and experiences for customers. Examples will include use cases from various industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and smart cities.

Building Real-Time Applications with InfluxDB and Go

In today's fast-paced world, real-time applications are becoming increasingly common. To build reliable and scalable real-time applications, developers need a powerful database that can handle high volumes of time-series data. InfluxDB is a popular choice for real-time data storage and analysis, and Go is a powerful language for building fast and efficient applications. This talk will cover how to use InfluxDB and Go together to build real-time applications. Topics will include:

Introduction to InfluxDB and Go
Storing time-series data in InfluxDB
Retrieving and querying data from InfluxDB with Go
Real-time data processing and analysis
Best practices for building real-time applications with InfluxDB and Go
Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of how to use InfluxDB and Go to build real-time applications, and they will be equipped with the knowledge to tackle complex time-series data challenges.

Infrastructure Monitoring Basics with Telegraf, Grafana and InfluxDB

Ready to make your cloud-based applications smarter, faster, and more responsive? Join us for an interactive workshop where we'll show you how to build real-time analytics using InfluxDB and Grafana.
In this session, you'll learn how to set up a time-series database with InfluxDB, and then use Grafana's intuitive data visualization tools to build real-time analytics and dashboards. We will go into some of the tools that make this connection easy and painless. We'll cover everything from the basics of InfluxDB's data model and query language to the features of Grafana's alerting and graphing tools. This will include both cloud and open source options, so you can choose your own adventure.
So if you're ready to learn how to build real-time analytics that can transform your cloud-based applications fast and easy, come join us!

Building a Hybrid IoT Architecture with InfluxDB: A Hands-On Workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn how to build a hybrid IoT architecture using InfluxDB, Telegraf, and an MQTT broker. Through hands-on exercises, attendees will set up an instance of InfluxDB and Telegraf on an edge device to ingest sensor data, and explore how to downsample and replicate this data to an InfluxDB Cloud instance. Additionally, participants will learn how to build notebooks, create checks and alerts, and generate visualizations that leverage geolocation and time-series data. This workshop is ideal for developers, data analysts, and engineers who want to gain practical experience with InfluxDB and IoT, and will provide a foundation for further exploration and learning through InfluxDB University. Participants should have basic knowledge of programming and IoT concepts.

How Time Series Data is Helping Power a Greener Future

It can be as simple as home automation done by individuals to become a more sustainable and less wasteful household. To wind farms off the coast of the Netherlands, time series data comes in small and large packages. But it is in every facet of our lives and in creating a greener future it will play an important role. This talk will go over how time series data is used for monitoring and automation in the green energy field.
This talk will include both open source and cloud based solutions provided by multiple platforms. It will go over how important it is for time series data to be stored in a performant database built for the unique problems time series data entails. Including fast querying, alerts and monitoring, and data science analysis. If you are interested in time series data, are currently working on time series problems, or want to become more familiar. This talk will be valuable to both beginners and those more advanced, engineers and non-engineers will both find value.

How to choose the right database for your application

In this talk, we will review the strengths and qualities of each database type from their particular use-case perspectives. Although having everything in one database seems like the straightforward path, it is not always the most cost or time effective path. Many Databases have become more specialized for the types of data they handle. Learn how to make the right choice for your workloads with this walkthrough of a set of distinct database types (graph, in-memory, search, columnar, document, relational, key-value, and time series databases). Learn about current trends in the database ecosystem and then learn about a number of different specialized databases and their strengths and weaknesses. This presentation will go over some of the fastest growing segments in the database space.

Forecasting with Prophet and InfluxDB

Data collection is only half of the battle. The other half is being able to easily perform data analysis. FB Prophet aims to make time series forecasting simple and fast. In this latest Data Science Central webinar, we’ll learn how to make a univariate time series prediction with Prophet and a time series database. We will also explore how integrating Prophet with a time series database enhances analytical capabilities, allowing for more dynamic data manipulation and richer insights. Additionally, practical examples and tips on optimizing your forecasts will be shared to help you efficiently apply these techniques in real-world scenarios.

Data science focused talk

Stir Trek 2024 Sessionize Event

May 2024 Columbus, Ohio, United States

Devnexus 2024 Sessionize Event

April 2024 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Jfokus 2024 Sessionize Event

February 2024 Stockholm, Sweden

FooConf #2 Sessionize Event

November 2023 Helsinki, Finland

Porto Tech Hub Conference 2023 Sessionize Event

October 2023 Porto, Portugal

Current 2023: The Next Generation of Kafka Summit Sessionize Event

September 2023 San Jose, California, United States

UtahJS Conf 2023 Sessionize Event

September 2023 Sandy, Utah, United States

DevOpsDays Seattle 2023 Sessionize Event

August 2023 Seattle, Washington, United States

Denver Dev Days

Building Real-Time Applications with InfluxDB and Go

June 2023 Denver, Colorado, United States


Building an IoT App With InfluxDB, JavaScript, and Plotly.js

June 2023 Amsterdam, New York, United States

Denver Dev Day | Spring 2023 Sessionize Event

June 2023 Denver, Colorado, United States

NDC Oslo 2023 Sessionize Event

May 2023 Oslo, Norway

Microsoft Build

Talk going over a vision AI demo

May 2023 Seattle, Washington, United States

Open Source Summit

Application Monitoring panel discussion

May 2023 Vancouver, Canada

DevOpsDays Austin 2023 Sessionize Event

May 2023 Austin, Texas, United States

Node Congress

Monitoring, Alerting, And Visualizing your Node.JS server infrastructure with Open Source tools

April 2023 Berlin, Germany

Devnexus 2023 Sessionize Event

April 2023 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Scale 20x

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly driven by sensor data, with devices taking measured actions based on everything from wind speed and direction, vital body functions, illumination intensity, and temperature. This demo will go into how to monitor your own at home plant and leverage already existing platforms and products.

In this session we will showcase how to build a fully functional sample IoT monitoring application built on the Flask framework and utilizing InfluxDB as its backend. With integrations to visualization libraries such as Plotly, creating automated alerts with InfluxDB as well as data downsampling. Those who are less familiar with IOT devices and monitoring will still benefit from this talk and we will go over the basics so everyone can follow along.

March 2023 Pasadena, California, United States

Developer Week SF

Developer Week - Building a IoT Monitoring App with InfluxDB, Python, and Flask with Edge to cloud replication
My virtual talk for developer week 2023

February 2023 San Francisco, California, United States


I did my plant buddy monitoring talk, always popular with the crowd

February 2023 Brussels, Belgium


This is a talk focusing on our tooling for data scientist.

October 2022 Burlingame, California, United States

Develop Cisco

This was the talk Unlocking Value From Time Series Data With Open Source Tools, focusing on the power of time series databases for solving problems in the time series space.

October 2022

Api World

This was my session Serverless functions in InfluxDB Cloud with API Invokable Scripts, focusing on our serverless API's

October 2022 San Jose, California, United States

Data Bricks AI Confrence

An event put on by data bricks, our company is a partner with databricks and we decided to talk about some of our newer features

August 2022 San Francisco, California, United States

Scale 19x

My talk was about Unlocking Value from Time Series Data with Open Source Tools featuring our partner AWS

July 2022 Los Angeles, California, United States

Open Source Summit

A conference focusing on open source software and programs. We showcased how you can build an IOT monitoring system with completely open source software.

June 2022 Austin, Texas, United States

OpenJS world

A focus on open source javascript libraries. This lightning talk highlighted our javascript library and its built in tooling.

June 2022 Austin, Texas, United States


This session focused on cleaning up open telemetry data for Devops analysis.

May 2022


This is a web-cast going over an IOT monitoring system.

January 2022

Denver Startup Week

This was an intro to time series databases for a wide audience at denver startup week

September 2021 Denver, Colorado, United States

zoe Steinkamp

Senior Developer Advocate at InfluxData

Denver, Colorado, United States


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