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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Loryan Strant

Microsoft 365 MVP, Consultant, Governance specialist

Loryan’s love for technology and what it can do for him and for his clients truly shines through his work as an independent consultant, author, webcaster, blogger and public speaker. With the desire to advise his clients to become technologically self-sufficient, Loryan’s focus is to provide them with the skills they need to become aware of their technological needs and acquire the unequivocal confidence to execute a solution and change their technology ways.
Through passion, knowledge, experience and memory, Loryan prides himself on his ability to pick up on his clients’ style and language context so that they may learn in a way that works best for them. With over 10 years of working exclusively with Microsoft 365 and being a Microsoft MVP, and close to 25 years of IT experience, Loryan is a pragmatic, honest, no bull**** kind of guy who takes his clients by the collar and gently guides them through Office 365.

Current sessions

Welcome to Microsoft 365 May

Event organisers Megan, Loryan and Rebecca set the scene on the intent of M365 May and what you can expect across the month,

Weekly Wrap Up 3

Live session discussing the weeks presentations and events with session moderators and guests

Weekly Wrap Up 4

Live session discussing the weeks presentations and events with session moderators and guests

Weekly Wrap Up 2

Live session discussing the weeks presentations and events with session moderators and guests

Weekly Wrap Up 1

Live session discussing the weeks presentations and events with session moderators and guests

User Group: Melbourne Microsoft 365 Technical Meetup

An online version of the Melbourne Microsoft 365 Technical Meetup. We'll only be covering updates in the M365 world this month, as there is no need for a guest speaker given there's an entire month of them!

Microsoft Teams Post COVID - Stories in premature implementation

Key recommendations for reviewing your Microsoft Teams governance and adoption following rapid implementation in response to the need to have staff work remotely during COVID-19. This will be presented through some key customer examples of 2020 projects with issues that will arise and how to drive to greater success.

Session URL: https://euroteamsug.com/Room1

Teams governance and lifecycle management essentials

In this session, Loryan Strant will take you through key things you need to know around governance when it comes to Teams, Office 365, and all the way up to Microsoft 365.
Teams governance and lifecycle are hot topics as more organisations look to use the platform, so make sure you come along for this session!

M365 May locknote with Jeff Teper

Microsoft CVP Jeff Teper will be joining us to close out an amazing month of M365 sessions!

Conference Wrap Up

Live session discussing the overall conference presentations and events with session moderators and guests

Adapting to change - the tech behind M365 May going online

It started out as a SharePoint Saturday, became an Office 365 Saturday, then a Microsoft 365 Saturday, but has evolved to the month-long event now known as M365 May.

Despite the identity crisis, there were a number of challenges to bring this event online. Notwithstanding the extraordinary effort co-ordinating more than 100 speakers, and 140 sessions, over 29 days, the technology behind the online event needed to scale, and needed to be easy to manage on a moment's notice.

Combining Microsoft Teams, with the online events co-ordination tool Sessionize, we quickly deployed a solution that allows attendees to select the sessions they want, and be sent to their sessions in Teams live events, Teams meetings, or even YouTube, when it's time to go live.

Loryan and Mark will take this opportunity to dive in to the tech that made this month-long event possible. Serverless compute to process requests, data storage to augment already existing data, and globally distributed content via Microsoft CDN. All this brought the best of the SaaS world together, with a custom build, low code solution.

A Centre of Excellence approach managing Microsoft Teams across your organisation

Implementing Microsoft Teams is just the beginning. How do you continually handle decisions, guidance and support across the ongoing feature updates and enhancements?
We will use real recent features or updates as examples to walk you through a process to help understand, assess, and prepare the organisation including involving key stakeholders and making decisions around Microsoft Teams for your organisation, including the content required to support end-users.

The importance of Windows 10, OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams together

Did you know how important it is for users to be running Windows 10 build 1709 or above for Microsoft Teams adoption? No? Then you need to come to this session, where we cover the crucial correlation between Windows 10, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.
By attending this session you'll migrate off your file shares faster, drive greater levels of usage, improve staff work/life balance, and ultimately drive greater success with Microsoft Teams. Don't think it's possible? Come along, you'll see!