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The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

Albert Hoitingh

Office 365 enthousiast and Microsoft MVP with a taste for security, information management and governance.

Albert is an enthousiastic speaker and solution architect for Office 365/Microsoft 365. His main focus is on information management in general and the role of Office 365 in particular.

His main focus area's are document-, case- and records management, search and collaboration. For the last couple of years, Albert has expended his focus to include security, compliance and governance and the Microsoft platforms to support these area's.

Albert's an Enterprise Mobility MVP as-well-as MCSE, MCSA and MCA. Sharing knowledge and best-practises is something Albert enjoys the most and he's an international speaker on multiple conferences, usergroups and SharePoint Saturday.

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Current sessions

Microsoft 365 - Dispose with care

The last couple of years have seen a lot of changes and enhancements for records management in Microsoft 365. But many organisations are still struggeling to get records management up and running. Should they use the record center or the [new] retention labels? And what about managing a records management environment?

In this session Albert will go through the different scenario's from a business/records manager perspective. He'll explain and show what works and what doesn't work (yet). He'll will also explain some of the caveats to the more classic records management solution, but also the new one.

Albert will also discuss the newly released trainable classifiers and show the fileplan options which are included in Microsoft 365. If you want to get to know records management in Microsoft 365: this is the session to go to - even if you have no prior knowledge of records management.

Unified labelling in Office 365 - does it fulfil its promises?

Azure Information Protection is part of the Microsoft Information Protection portfolio. It offers an easy to use solution for classifying and protecting documents, regardless of their location. One of these locations might be SharePoint Online, as part of Office 365.

Many an organisation has struggled with these two platforms. How to protect your document when these are stored in SharePoint, for example? During Ignite 2018, Microsoft introduced us to the new unified labelling experience in Office 365. Unified labelling allows us to us both retention and protection labels in Office 365. Finally bridging the gap between Azure Information Protection and Office 365. And more - offering site-classifications that actually work as-well :-)

During this session Albert will detail how this new experience works. He will also talk about and show the differences in functionality and how to migrate your Azure Information Protection labels to the new sensitivity labels.

SharePoint and Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection is Microsoft's solution for classifying and protecting documents, regardless of their location. As many documents are stored in SharePoint (either on-premise or Online), many organisations want to label and protect these as-well.

In order to use Azure Information Protection with SharePoint on-premise we will need the Azure Information Protection scanner. For SharePoint Online we need Cloud App Security. In this session, Albert will describe Azure Information Protection and show how the scanner and Cloud App Security allow you to label (and protect) documents.

Citizen developer vs. the admin - win/win or win/lose?

Sure, Microsoft's Power platform (PowerBI, Flow and PowerApps) is one of the most innovative and accessible environments for your power-users out-there. Daniel is one of those citizen developers. Making business apps on a daily basis, and sometimes needing to take little short-cut to get the job done.

Albert’s the security guy. He wants to make Daniel’s live easy (at least on the PowerApps/Flow front) and wants him to make the most out of the platform. But he also wants to keep it secure, be in control and keep the compliance people happy.

In their session, Albert en Daniel discuss these questions and will give several ready-to-use pointers. Subjects include the CDS, the admin-dashboard, environments, data loss prevention, licensing, the Office 365 auditlog and alerting. And Daniel will even show how to use the new Powerplatform connectors.

Sensitive data and Office 365: Advanced data governance scenario's

In order to be compliant, enterprise need to be serious about data retention and archiving. Some sensitive (personal) content needs to be removed from the enterprise when an employee leaves, while other content needs to be preserved.

Advanced data governance introduces machine learning to find and retain this important content. In this session, Albert will talk about and demonstrate data classification from the end-user perspective, automatic classification, the effect of classification on the content and managing data governance using the PowerShell cmdlets.

Making the pieces fit - the Office 365 security & compliance puzzle

Office 365, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS), Azure Information Protection. There's no lack in Microsoft's offering of security & compliance solutions. But how do these solutions work together? Up to 2017 SharePoint Online and Azure Information Protection didn't like each other much. And data governance labels and Azure Information Protection labels were equal in name only.

In this session, Albert will go over all these pieces and will explain them. He will also demonstrate the functions and show you how to create a complete puzzle.

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