Anoop John

Anoop John

Founder and CTO at Zyxware, Passionate FOSS Contributor

Herndon, Virginia, United States


Founded Zyxware Technologies, one of the oldest Drupal agencies in the world, in 2006. Have been an active contributor and promoter of Free and Open Source Software. Currently heading the operations of the company based out of Virginia, US.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management


  • Drupal
  • Drupal 8
  • Drupal 9
  • Free Software
  • Open Source Software
  • Building Communities
  • Web Applications
  • Website Development
  • StartUp
  • Google for Startups
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

Panel: Empowering the community to more rapidly execute Drupal’s strategic goals

Drupal’s strategic goals aim to increase adoption and enable the community. But, are there opportunities to better enable the community to execute?

The goal of this panel is to discuss how we can enable the full potential of our large community.

As a community we have faced several challenges, such as:
- Drupal still accounts for a very small perc of the total CMS market
- The adoption of newer versions have been slower than earlier ones
- Maintaining earlier versions pulls community members from investing in new versions but risks adopters on earlier versions
- The number of modules that are available for newer versions is steadily going down
- The inflow of new developers coming into the community has slowed down
- The number and scale of events and local communities have been flat

This will be a facilitated panel that poses qns to spur ideas from the community:

- How can we help broaden the adoption of Drupal?
- How do we identify and enable experts who can support this larger pool of users?
- How do we drive more contributions back into the community?
- How do we organize ourselves better as a community?
- Are there tools, practices, or processes we should learn from other projects/communities?
- Are we properly enabling and lowering barriers for new contributors?

Facilitators will use a “start, stop, continue” format with the qns posed while moderating brainstorming. We aim to harness feedback to create new community-led initiatives and recruit participants.

Helping grow the Drupal Community globally through deeper collaboration

Drupal sets strategic goals every year. The major ones revolve around getting more adoption of the platform and enabling contribution. Everything else that is discussed falls under the ambit of these primary goals as smaller objectives. One question which is raised less often than it should is - what is achieving this going to lead to? As Drupalists we are committed to furthering the cause of Drupal, but in doing so it is easy to overlook the commitments of others whom we try to get to adopt Drupal. Why is that?

In the past, many key modules were not updated for long periods of time. Drupal Commerce still accounts for a miniscule of the total market share. And organisations world over are finding it expensive or difficult to upgrade to newer versions of Drupal.

As proponents of the vision shared by Dries, we must thoroughly evaluate the market landscape for adoption. What are other CMS doing that Drupal can learn from? How do we move our focus to more business oriented offerings, that reflect in our collaborations as well? Finally, what role do we want Drupal to play in the onset of the open web? All of these questions, and more, answered in this session by Anoop John

Experiences from the State of Arizona, 170 Drupal sites all the way from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9

Governance in the digital age is evolving. Developing technology is rapidly reflecting the social, economic, and cultural changes happening. Leveraging the web for citizen engagement, delivery of government services to citizens, businesses and inter-government departmental services is key to strengthening the e-governance capability of a government.

The state of Arizona’s Department of Administration Technology has been cognizant of, and responsive to these factors. They understood the importance of a distribution built on a powerful, scalable, and adaptive Web Content Management System. Drupal was hence decided as the platform of choice as it is a tried and tested solution. Drupal is specifically adopted as the technology platform for building websites of federal institutions in the US and many other nations. The state has been using a Drupal 7 distribution for several years now and is now in the process of moving the distribution and the existing sites to Drupal 9

Managing 170+ websites was not without its challenges, however. Some of the key issues for government websites like security, scalability, responsiveness were just the tip of the iceberg.

The session will cover The experience of ADOA-ASET in maintaining and managing 170+ web properties in Drupal for different agencies and Challenges faced over these years

Anoop John

Founder and CTO at Zyxware, Passionate FOSS Contributor

Herndon, Virginia, United States


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