Becca Hiller

Becca Hiller

Agile Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, & Creativity Cultivator

Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Driven by courage, curiosity, and compassion, Becca Hiller knows valued people deliver value. As an Agile Coach, Becca helps humans reach agility potential. Her own agility shines through sharpened improv skills, a mighty pen, a hungry brain, and a passion for teaching and coaching.

Becca is currently based in Louisville, KY.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Arts
  • Humanities & Social Sciences


  • Agile Coaching
  • Coaching
  • Learning and Development
  • Personal Growth
  • Business Productivity
  • Creativity

Sometimes Leaders Just Don’t Understand: The Business Case for Doing What’s Right

Ethics and equity matter. Staying in business matters. These guideposts are not mutually exclusive, though it can often feel as such when making priority decisions. We can commit to doing what’s right, not just what’s easy. However, in order to harness business agility, leverage leadership strategy, and obtain company commitment, we must make it easier to do what’s right.

But how do we make the compelling value case? How do we align our business agility to business integrity? In our session, we will build an initial toolkit to:

- Connect high-integrity initiatives to high-value strategy using tangible business cases
- Highlight inclusive solutions as valuable solutions
- Uncover what’s feeding resistance
- Show that economics and ethics don’t have to be separate
- Increase team literacy around Minimum Ethical Delivery

The Zen of Agility: Learning, Unlearning, and Why Simple Agile Isn’t Easy

Becoming Agile is just applying values and principles and winning hearts and minds to shift culture and embrace practices and habits that align toward agility. Right? Easier said than done? Let’s peel back the layers and discuss:

What Zen can teach us about Agile (including simplicity, stillness, practice, and the Beginner’s Mind)

Fundamental differences between learning and unlearning

Concepts such as habit building and breaking, singular focus, incremental improvement, and stages of mastery

Explore challenges (and baggage) along the journey to “Agile Enlightenment”

The role of leaders, teachers, mentors, and coaches in bringing a little more mindfulness to agility

Music City Tech 2021

September 2021

Agile Midwest Conference 2019

September 2019 Saint Charles, Missouri, United States

Music City Tech 2019

September 2019 Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Becca Hiller

Agile Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, & Creativity Cultivator

Louisville, Kentucky, United States