Dee Bolt

Dee Bolt

External Identity & IAM Consultant

Cardiff, United Kingdom

I have been in the External Identity and Access Management space since 2020, helping clients architect and implement their Identity solutions and keeping their application secure.

Prior to the identity ecosystem, I was a development consultant in travel and tourism (mainly C#) and a software and database analyst for a training company. My main skillset is around system architecture, identity, C#, and SQL.

Other community contributions include the Azure Technical Contributor Program and Microsoft sponsored Identity discord channel.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure Security
  • Azure AD
  • Azure AD B2C
  • Identity Governance
  • Customer Identity and Access Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Identity Platform
  • identity & authentication

How I learned to love Azure Active Directory B2C, and you can too!

It can be a difficult balancing act trying to provide a seamless and confident customer experience whilst simultaneously protecting their identities. But Microsoft's advanced security tools are here to provide stability.

In this session, I will show how Azure AD B2C can delight your customers and other external users - consumer, business, and anything in between - with hassle-free login and authentication experiences - while providing market-leading security and compliance features.

From single sign on to out-of-the-box integrations, I’ll explain the features and benefits of Azure AD B2C, including real-life examples of it in action.

Decentralized Identity. Your identity, your control

Today we use our digital identity at work, at home, and across every app, service, and device we use. It’s made up of everything we say, do, and experience in our lives. From purchasing tickets for an event, checking into a hotel, to even ordering lunch. Currently, our identity and all our digital interactions are owned and controlled by other parties, in some cases, even without our knowledge.

This identity data has too often been exposed in security breaches. These breaches affect our social, professional, and financial lives. What if there was a better way; one which puts you in control of your identity data... Well now there is.

From Dev to DevOps - No secrets, just code (and coffee)

In this session we cover the secretless development lifecycle and stop developers sharing code with secrets in them or sending configuration over Teams!

Azure AD B2B or B2C, making the right choice

Deciding which external access solution meets your needs can be a challenge, so let’s explore the capabilities of both Azure AD B2B and Azure AD B2C, where they crossover, where they differ, and ultimately giving you a comprehensive understanding of these Microsoft products.

We’ll start with a basic overview of both. Microsoft Azure B2B’s primary use is to enable collaboration with Microsoft 365 applications and authorise users, from partners to suppliers, regardless of the identity provider. Whilst Microsoft Azure B2C’s primary use it to support customer transactions through customised applications.

Like much of life, however, things are never so clear cut. Azure AD B2B and B2C may have begun life intended for these purposes, but there‘s an increasing amount of crossover in their application.

What the JWT?! Securing your app with Microsoft Identity Web

Whether it's a desktop, mobile, or web application, it is likely that you've had to secure your application to authenticated users.

Traditionally, this was left to identity experts who knew the ins and outs of Open ID Connect (OIDC), OAuth, SAML, and generally were excited for the next published RFC. However now it is easier than ever for developers to secure their systems with a few lines of code and some configuration.

In this session, we will explore and demonstrate how easy Microsoft has made securing your application against Azure AD, and Azure AD B2C using the Microsoft Identity Web C# SDK.

After this session, you'll be able to get started with your authentication journey and understand, in general, how authentication works.

Navigating the Microsoft Identity Ecosystem: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Needs

In today's connected world, authentication and identity management is critical for securing digital assets and ensuring seamless user experiences.

With a plethora of identity solutions offered by Microsoft, it can be challenging to determine which platform is the best fit for your needs. Whether you're looking to streamline authentication and authorization for internal applications, enable customer-facing scenarios, or explore decentralized identity, this talk will provide an overview of Microsoft's identity platforms and help you make an informed decision.

In this session we will introduce the identity platforms offered by Microsoft: Azure Active Directory (AAD), Azure Active Directory B2C (AAD B2C), and Microsoft's decentralized identity implementation, Verified ID.. Covering the key features, use cases, benefits of each platform, and discuss the scenarios each platform is best suited for.

Whether you're a developer, IT professional, or business decision-maker, this talk will equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the Microsoft identity ecosystem and choose the best platform(s) for your needs.

Securing Tomorrow - Microsoft's Security* Roadmap

Microsoft ignite showed us a lot of upcoming and exciting security features. In this session we will have a look at some of them in a bit more detail and why we should all love them.

*There are some non-security updates, just because I am excited about them.

Securing Azure Application Registrations

In this session we have a look at application registrations in Microsoft Entra ID, how to properly configure them, and how to properly secure them.

Unlocking Strong Authentication: A future beyond passwords

In an era where cyber threats loom large and traditional password-based authentication methods prove increasingly vulnerable, the need for robust and secure authentication mechanisms has never been more pressing.

This talk delves into the concept of strong authentication methods and explores innovative solutions that go beyond the limitations of passwords. By embracing advanced technologies such as passkeys and biometrics, we can create a future where users can authenticate their identities with confidence and convenience.

Join us as we navigate through the challenges of modern authentication, uncover the flaws of traditional password systems, and discover the promise of a password-free future where security meets simplicity.

Dee Bolt

External Identity & IAM Consultant

Cardiff, United Kingdom

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