Clavin Fernandes

Clavin Fernandes

Microsoft Business Applications MVP

Navi Mumbai, India


Clavin Fernandes is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Technical Consultant at Rapid Circle and Technical Evangelists at Muhimbi Ltd.

He supports over 1000 high level enterprise customers with all kind of challenges related to PDF Conversion in combination with SharePoint On-Premise Office 365, Azure, Nintex workflow, K2 and Power Platform mostly no code solution and Empowering SharePoint and Business Users.

He likes to stay up to date and in recent years has focused a lot on Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) and Power Apps.

Clavin loves to share his knowledge on his personal blog (https://clavinfernandes.wordpress.com/) where he shares his knowledge in the hopes that it will help other Power Users.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology

Power Platform Test Studio and Test Engine for Automated Testing

Session Agenda:

1. The importance of Automated Testing.
2. An overview of Test Studio.
3. The process of automating using Test Engine.

Building AI Powered Custom Actions for Power Automate Desktop

During this session, we will be creating Intelligent Power Automate Desktop Custom Actions through the utilization of Azure OpenAI.

- Fundamental principles of Azure OpenAI.
- Basics of Power Automate Custom Actions.
- Techniques for integrating AI into Custom Actions.
- Much More.....

Git version control for Power Apps

Git version control feature to enable more than one person to edit a canvas app at the same time. With this feature, others won't get locked out of the app while one person is editing it. As changes are made and synchronized, they're automatically merged with other changes, and made available to all others editing the app.

Getting started with Power Apps Component Framework

In this session, we will learn about Power Apps Components. In the session we well -

1. Create a new component project
2. Implementing manifest
3. Implement component logic using TypeScript
4. Build your code components
5. Packaging code components
6. Adding component to a canvas app.

Modernize your Power Platform Administration

In this session, we will understand -

Power Platform Admin Center.
Power Platform PowerShell Modules.
Power Platform Admin connectors.
Power Platform Admin APIs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Let robots do the boring job

This session will cover

How RPA fits in the wider spectrum of automation.
Typical use cases and Demonstration
RPA –The Challenge

Scripting in Power Platform

In this session, we will learn how we can extend the out-of-box functionality in the Power Platform by adding custom code and scripts.

Extend your bussiness application with fusion development

In this session, we will understand how we can leverage fusion development and build better Power Platform Applications.

I will demonstrate -

1. How a fusion development team functions.
2. Low-code concepts for professional developers.
3.How a professional developer can enable their citizen developer using Pro-Code.
4. Demo - Build a Custom Code Connector for Power Platform to address real-world problem.

Excel Script and Power Automate

In this session, we will learn how to use Office Scripts to automate workbook-based day-to-day tasks processes from a Power User perspective.

• Basics of Office Scripts object model.
• Recording, Editing, and Writing an Office Script for Excel on the web.
• Call scripts from Power Automate flow.
• Pass data from a script to Power Automate flow and vice-versa.
• Real-life Automation scenarios.

Building Block's of PowerApps

• Variables
• Collections
• Components
• Connectors
• Form Mode (View/Edit/Display)
• Functions
• Common functions collect, ForAll, Patch etc.
• Calling Power Automate from Power Apps

Serialize Media Controls in Power Apps

In this workshop we will Empower Business Users and help them Serialize Media Controls in Power Apps by using the JSON Serializer function.

Benefits of Attending this workshop:

1. Understanding JSON functions in Power Apps.

2. Serializing data from Media Controls (Camera, Microphone, Attachment, Pen Input etc.).

3. Saving Media Controls to various Data Sources (HTML, PDF, Audio, Image etc.).

4. Real life examples of using JSON functions.

Microsoft Cognitive Services Big Picture with Power Platform

In this session, we will start with the basics of Azure Cognitive Services. Next, we will explore what they are and what they can do for you. Finally, we will set the platform on how to utilize the Azure Cognitive Services from a Business User perspective and solve complex real world problems with no code solutions like Power Platform.

Benefits of attending this session:

1. An Overview of Azure Cognitive Services.

2. Working with Azure Cognitive Services.

3. Implementing Azure Cognitive Services in Power Platform.

4. Actual Business Use cases and Demos.

Extending Microsoft Teams capabilities using Power Automate

Microsoft teams is said to be the next big thing which brings together people and lets them communicate and collaborate.

In this session, we will enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Teams using Power Platform and replace traditional business processes with smart automation.

•We will cover the Microsoft Teams Actions, Triggers in Power Automate.
•Document Approval in SharePoint by using Adaptive Card in Microsoft Teams.
•Export Chats from Microsoft Teams Channels using Power Automate.

Exchange complex data between Power Apps and Power Automate using JSON Functions

In this session we will leverage the power of JSON Functions and exchange complex data from Power Apps to Power Automate. We will pass data from the camera control (photo), Pen Input(ink control), export an entire Power Apps gallery to Power Automate enrich it with HTML and convert it to PDF.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

1. Create a Power Apps form with complex controls.
2. Understanding JSON Functions.
3. PDF Convert, Merge and Watermark files using Power Apps and Power Automate.

Extending MS Forms with Power Automate

• Basics of Microsoft Forms and storing details in a SharePoint list.
• Printing Microsoft Forms as PDF.
• Working with Microsoft Forms Attachments.
• Connect Microsoft Forms data with Power BI using Power Automate.

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Clavin Fernandes

Microsoft Business Applications MVP

Navi Mumbai, India


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