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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Dennis Vroegop

Loving technology and the people working with it.

Expert in Azure Architecture, Mixed Reality and Machine Learning. Passionate about spreading knowledge on these and other technologies. I have been speaking at conferences, meetups and business meetings all over the world, always trying to get the audience to be as enthusiastic about the topics I talk about as I am.
I play the guitar which is the other place I perfect my stage skills!

I have been speaking all over the world for over 20 years, talking about all sorts of topics. My style is somewhat loose, feels like I am talking to a bunch of friends. Usually lots of demo's and I like to keep things flowing easily and informal.
Being knowledgeable on both the business and the developer side of organisations, I feel at home in all sorts of environments.

Current sessions

AI and IOT: A match made in heaven?

Gartner predicts there will be 10 billion devices connected to the Internet in 2020, 22 billion by 2025. That is a huge amount of devices, generating enormous amounts of data. And that data needs to be processed. Machine Learning can be a great solution to handle this tidal wave of data: machines are much better are learning patterns from a huge pile of numbers than humans are.

But how does that work? What does it mean when we connect machines to intelligence? Will we make the Terminator movies come alive? Are we doomed?
To put your mind at ease, Dennis will show you what this all means and why we shouldn’t be afraid . He will explain what Machine Learning is and how we can use this to make sense of data. And yes, he will show this live on stage using some cool devices.

So if you are curious about processing data in the (not to distant) future, you should come and listen!

Introduction to IOT by using a Raspberry Pi and introduction to AI by showing live on stage how to combine these two technologies.
Duration can be between 60 - 90 minutes. Shorter is possible but only after consultation.

Unity: make development fun again!

Unity has become one of the two big platforms for developing games.

But did you know that Unity can be used for other areas as well? And most important: did you know that Unity can be extremely fun to work with?

Join Dennis on this talk as he explains how Unity works, what you can do with it and see as he live develops a VR app in just a couple of lines of code.

Unity brings back the feeling you had when you just started out coding and brings back the joy you might miss in your daily work!

A session including live coding for a VR device. Length: 60 minutes.

Docker for .net Developers

With the popularity of DevOps there is no getting around it anymore: developers need to know about operations. And vice versa.

In the past these used to be two distinct worlds but that doesn't apply anymore. Luckily, there is help: with Docker we can easily set up dev environments, deploy apps and make the whole reliable and scalable. But how do you do that if you have no experience in the Ops world?
Don't panic! Dennis will show you in this session all you need to know about Docker so that you as a .net developer know what this is all about, what you need to do and how to set it all up.

Internet connection required.

Python for .net developers

AI and Machine Learning are hot. But most of the samples and applications are written in Python. And you are a .net developer, very well versed in C# and/or VB.Net. So, you go out looking for those rare samples and documentation written for you in C#.
And there are none.

But don't worry: there is help! Python is actually not that hard to learn, once you know where to start and where to go. The first step is to attend this session, where Dennis will teach you all you need to know to get started in Python. We will cover the language, the syntax, the quirks and how to use it.

So don't fear the Python, but embrace it and increase your toolset!


Azure API Management: what's it all about?

Azure API Management is a great tool to leverage your API's. Don't worry about security, scaling and other mundane tasks anymore and have it all in one place. Developers like things to be easy and manageable; API Management is there for you!
But what is it exactly? How do you get this thing going? How can you use it? And more important: how do you use it to impress your boss by claiming you finally fixed those security and scaling issues?
These, and other questions will be answered in this demo-packed session.

Duration: between 50 and 75 minutes.

Azure Durable Functions demystified

The keyword these days is serverless. But if you have no server, where does your code run? Next to that, if all we have are bodiless functions floating around in the cloud, how can we maintain state? And if state is being kept somehow, how can we still scale?
The answer is: Azure Durable Functions. Although it seems weird, with Azure Durable Functions we can have stateful functions and workflows in a stateless, scalable system.
Dennis will show you how this magic is performed and what you can do to use this technology. Be a Functions Wizard and make your coding even better after seeing this session!

Duration: between 60 - 90 minutes

Using Docker to become a TDD wizard!

Docker is awesome. It is used a lot in server environments and enable building scalable solutions quickly. But did you know that Docker is also a great tool to improve on your TDD skills?
Test Driven Development is all about continuously testing your work, even before you implemented it. Docker can help you there by giving you a repeatable and reliable environment to run your tests in or to run your tests again.

Leverage your TDD skills and produce even better code by using Docker!

Fast demo filled session with lots of handy tips and tricks. Docker knowledge not required but helpfull.

Virtual Reality: Building for the Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest is a relative cheap but very powerful stand alone, 6 DOF VR device. But how can you actually develop applications for it? Well, Unity is the answer!
With Unity you can build VR applications quickly and be immersed in worlds your imagination provides. Don't be limited by the real world but leverage Unity to create your own!
This session will show you what Unity is, how it works and how you can use it to build applications with it.

This is an evolution of the my other Unity talk I have been giving for the last couple of years. It is updated to include new technology, hardware and new insights.

Team cohesion in a Working From Home environment

Everyone who is in the industry long enough, will be called the senior developer. And from senior developers people expect more. You need to show leadership skills and you are more less made responsible for keeping the team healthy and happy.
How do you do that in a world where people don't see each other every day? Or not even see each other at all?
In this session, Dennis shares his experiences in keeping a team together while being in different cities, countries or even continents and timezones. Technology is easy, the human side is harder.

So make sure to check out this session and learn how to keep your teammembes happy and productive!

Past and future events

Update Conference Prague 2019

12 Nov 2019 - 14 Nov 2019
Prague, Hlavní město Praha, Czechia