Dominique De Cooman

Dominique De Cooman

CTO & founder Dropsolid

Founder and CTO of Dropsolid. Expert in Drupal, marketing technology, DXP and creating digital experiences.
Being a founder of both Dropsolid Digital agency and Dropsolid experience cloud I have a unique insight in how market trends are affecting Drupal.

Why Drupal is a Shark

The session has the same content as written in this blogpost: https://dropsolid.com/en/knowledge-hub/why-drupal-shark

Drupal is more like a shark than a dinosaur. Meaning Drupal has been able to adapt to every big change in web development. Just like the shark evolved through 400 million years of evolution and multiple extinction events, so did Drupal. It went through all the rapid changes in 20 years of web evolution. Unlike the dinosaurs, who went extinct 65 million years ago, Drupal adapted and stayed the top choice for open enterprise CMS, especially as the key component in the modern digital experience platform (DXP).

Its a tech + inspirational session.

This session is for everyone who wants to know how Drupal is adapting to new trends like DXP, microservices, Api-first, Cloud native and Headless. And how it will adapt to even newer trends in the future.

Creating personalised digital experiences with Mautic

This session is for marketers looking to use Mautic to increase their customer experience. The session talks about using Mautic in a user centric context.
For example, how to use customer data collected from website behavior to personalise automated interactions coordinated with Mautic. How to use Mautic as a part of you digital experience platform. And why this is important to create more meaningful conversion, more time on site and overall customer success.

Create more value by offering personal customer experiences with Drupal.

Todays consumers are more demanding than ever. Companies need to deliver seamless digital experiences. For that they rely on strong partners who can keep up with the fast evolution of digital technology. Drupal is not enough. Flawless implementations are not enough. As a Drupal integrator, you need to up your game to become a strategic long term partner. Find your unique strength, find your partners, go fot it!

Dominique will share his vision on Martech Agencies anno 2021. We aim to engage leadership from other Drupal Agencies in a conversation about the impact of ever speeding up technology evolutions, the value of open source, how to increase your project win rates, how to deliver seamless digital experiences with Drupal as a DXP and how to stay competitive as a Drupal Agency.

Dominique De Cooman

CTO & founder Dropsolid