Dustin Domerese

Dustin Domerese

Dustin Domerese, Senior Microsoft Power Platform Architect, Managing Partner

Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Dustin Domerese is a thought leader and technology innovator within the Microsoft ecosystem and delivers his vast technical experience in the CRM, ERP, and Software Development industries to business leaders, end-users, and technical leaders throughout the community. Working for Barclays, EMC2, HP, and Microsoft before his founding of multiple companies has provided a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise.

Dustin is a consultant for over three-hundred companies across a wide array of industries, he is a senior software developer and public speaker. As an entrepreneur, he has founded multiple technology companies in a variety of sectors. As a technology innovator Dustin has trained and worked with hundreds of partners in the Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and SalesForce ecosystems. His company, Dynamic Consultants Group, has been a finalist in the Microsoft partner channel awards for empowering the Microsoft partner community and advises their clients on all things digital transformation and technology.

Dustin has been a speaker all over the world presenting many technology-focused sessions with Microsoft. As his hobby, Dustin is an accomplished musician, outdoor enthusiast, and a mostly terrible golfer.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management
  • Media & Information


  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Dynamics ERP
  • Data Integration
  • Azure
  • PowerPlatform
  • User Adoption
  • CRM for Small Business
  • IoT
  • Microsoft PowerBI

Win the Hiring Game: The CEO's Coaching Clinic on Building a Winning Team

Ready to level up your hiring game? Join us for this CEO clinic on recruiting, hiring, keeping, and offboarding top talent without breaking the bank.

Know what it takes to build winning teams with limited resources and how to motivate when the bench is full. It also includes Dustin Domerese, the founder of Power Learn Academy, who is successfully training and placing fresh talent in the Microsoft channel.

But you won't just sit on the sidelines during our time together! You'll engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain practical tips, and practice with other CEOs who face similar talent management challenges.

Don't miss this opportunity to get coached by the best and gain tangible guidance on how to level up your hiring game.

Pandemics, Profits, and Pixels: Commanding A Microsoft Partnership Through Stormy Seas

In an era marked by unprecedented crises — a global pandemic, economic collapse, and the dizzying pace of AI evolution — the concept of leadership has been radically redefined. In this though provoking session, we aim to spark a broader dialogue about resilient leadership in the face of daunting challenges. Be prepared for a candid discussion that offers a roadmap for leading in the face of uncertainty, centered around resilience, adaptability, and a relentless commitment to a purpose-driven future.

Beyond mere adaptation, discover how Microsoft Partners have managed to turn adversity into an opportunity for innovation and the strategies that have guided Microsoft Partners through these tumultuous times and for how leadership, at its core, can be the catalyst for change and guide us through the storms of adversity.

How do I get people to use my system? User adoption challenges and practical solutions

So you have an amazing system with everything a user would ever want fully configured, now what? How do you get them to use the systems to their full potential? This is the most common question asked by leadership in any organization. The truth is if you are waiting until go-live to get adoption then you have already lost. You must start at the beginning. In this session, we will provide proven tips and real-life situations intended to spark ideas on how to identify leaders, engage users, and foster a culture of change that will increase overall user adoption in your business applications.

Disrupting the Status Quo: Implement ERP In A Radical Way

Disrupting the Status Quo: A Radical Approach to ERP Implementation" - Are you tired of the same old ERP implementation methods that yield subpar results? Then stop letting the system implementors and your IT department run the show. It's time to disrupt the status quo and rethink the way we approach ERP projects. This session will challenge traditional ERP implementation strategies and show you how to harness the power of data surveillance, business performance, and automation to drive business processes and make informed decisions. We'll reveal the pitfalls of letting the IT department or system implementors run the show and provide real world scenarios for you how to get key stakeholders on board to achieve better outcomes. Join us for a bold and thought-provoking discussion on how to take your ERP implementation to the next level and achieve real business success.

Delete Your Integrations! Patterns for system integration beyond data movement

Stop building new integrations! Developing new data integration is not always the right architecture to solve a business problem. The more data being synchronized the more problems can be introduced. The right solution for how to solve a business problem is not always easy to see. It seems like there can be ten ways to solve every integration need. In this session, we will discuss the pros and cons of various integration patterns and help you navigate through the methods to determine the right solution. We will look at integration examples of using PowerBI, SSRS, Web Resources, Flow, and Azure as integration patterns to follow.

Break the Hiring mold: How to grow great consultants

Consistently budgeting for, finding, and hiring great employees is the biggest challenge that Microsoft partners and companies face today. Attracting, onboarding, and continually training good employees can be an expensive endeavor. This cost compounds when you watch those resources leave for a different job or career opportunity. Its time to break this cycle and build a sustainable talent model that is predictive, cost effective, and limits risk. In this session we will share with you the secret for how to grow great consultants consistently and save 50% on overall costs of resourcing a project.

Help Me! Rescue My Failing Project

Missing deadlines, overruns in cost, changes to leadership, errors on every corner. These are all sure signs that your project is on a spiral down. It is never too far gone to save, but the difficult decisions are sometimes people, partners, and systems that need to be addressed. What do you do? How do you analyze what is wrong and address the root issues of your project? In this session, we will uncover the common problems with a project and provide practical concepts that will assist with saving your project's life.

Beyond The Text: Harnessing the Power of AI and Voice Bots in Dynamics Customer Service

This session will explore the latest advances in AI and voice bot technology, and how they are revolutionizing customer service within Dynamics. We will focus on the integration of voice bots into the customer service process, examining the capabilities and limitations of these technologies in a customer service context. The session will cover the benefits of using voice bots, such as increasing efficiency and providing a more natural communication experience for customers. Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of how voice bots can improve customer service and reduce costs, as well as the challenges and best practices for implementing voice bots in customer service. The session will also provide a glimpse into the future of AI-driven customer service and the role of voice bots in that future.

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Dustin Domerese

Dustin Domerese, Senior Microsoft Power Platform Architect, Managing Partner

Kansas City, Missouri, United States

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