Francesco Bergamaschi

Francesco Bergamaschi

Consultant & Professor of BI & Analytics at Bologna University

Bologna, Italy

Consultant and corporate trainer in Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA), Adjunct Professor of BI and BA at Bologna University and Bologna Business School, he has been working for over twenty years in the field of data management. Today he deals with Power Pivot for Excel, Analysis Services Tabular and Power BI, dedicating himself to teaching and deepening the DAX language, being the first teacher in the world to teach it in a university. He implements BI in companies and integrates it with Statistics to create predictions through BA and has been promoting for years the dissemination and implementation of BI and BA throughout the territory of Northern Italy. He is a founding member of the Power BI User Group Italy and now manages kubisco, a blog on all MDP/DAX/Power BI/Power Apps/Analysis Services Tabular with artciles, video, sample files.

Master of Science in Engineering and Economics, graduated in Bologna University, he then obtained the Master in Radiocommunications Engineering and the Master in Business Administration at Bologna Business School.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Databases
  • DAX
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Microsoft Power BI

Tipi di connessione in Power BI e modelli compositi

Il termine "modello composito" in Power BI è stato utilizzato, inizialmente, per indicare un modello in cui le connessioni Import e DirectQuery risiedevano nello stesso set di dati. Successivamente, con l'introduzione di Direct Query su Analysis Services e Power BI Dataset, è stato nuovamente utilizzato il termine "modello composito" per indicare quest'ultimo sviluppo. Ora le connessioni Live possono convivere con le connessioni Import e DirectQuery in un unico modello, usando il modello locale di Direct Query su Analysis Services e Power BI Dataset. La mia sessione si occuperà di: 1) chiarire la differenza tra una connessione in Import, DirectQuery, Live e Direct Query su Analysis Services e Power BI Dataset, 2) chiarire i casi di utilizzo di ognuna delle opzioni appena citate, individualmente, 3) mostrare esempi di ognuna delle opzioni, 4) mostrare un progetto in cui Import, DirectQuery e Direct Query su Analysis Services e Power BI Dataset convivono e 5) elencare limitazioni, pro e contro di ciascuna opzione.

Power BI Dataset, Dataflow, Datamart: which to choose and why?

The recent introduction of Power BI Datamarts, still in preview, has increased the options available to the designer and the business user. There is now some confusion on this subject as to how to make a wise choice, the pros & cons of each and the related limitations and differences. But mainly, the point is that there is the belief that these 3 structures are mutually alternative which is not the case (a dataset is a must in anycase). So in my session I would 1) make a clear definition of each of the 3 entities, focusing on the fact that a dataset is mandatory in Power BI in any case and what a PBI dataset is 2) explain the key usage cases of each of the three with examples made in real time in fronte of the audience 3) discuss with the audience how to make a choice, licensing/workspace needs and the related limitations.

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Francesco Bergamaschi

Consultant & Professor of BI & Analytics at Bologna University

Bologna, Italy