George Kosmidis

George Kosmidis

Microsoft MVP | Cloud Solutions Architect | .NET Software Engineer

Munich, Germany

George is a Cloud Solutions Architect and .NET Software Engineer with more than 20 years of professional experience. He got his bachelor’s in applied informatics and two associate degrees in software and network engineering while in his hometown, Thessaloniki, Greece. The last 4 years he lives with his family in Munich, Germany where he enjoys hiking and cycling in the Bavarian alps.

George has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, for his deep involvement with the Microsoft Communities; he is the founder and organizer of a few in Munich - the biggest one being the “Munich .NET Meetup” with almost 1500 members. He also speaks at conferences and user groups all around the world, writes on his blog, contributes to open-source projects on GitHub, acts as a judge for the Microsoft Imagine Regional Cup and mentors teams for the Microsoft Imagine Cup World Champion.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure
  • Csharp
  • .NET
  • .NET (Core) development
  • .NET 5
  • .net 6
  • ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Azure DevOps
  • ASP .NET Core
  • .NET Patterns & Practices
  • C#
  • Microservices
  • Identityserver
  • Blazor

Azure Static Web Apps, Github Actions and a Blog Builder

Use Azure Static Web Apps, Github Actions and Geko.BlogBuilder to build, deploy and host a super SEO optimized blog for free!

Using Azure DevOps to build and deploy a Docker image to Azure

In this session we will see how to use Azure DevOps to build and then publish a docker image as an Azure App Service, using Azure Container Registry.

Using Github and Azure DevOps to publish to Nuget.org

In this session we will cover:
• Create a dummy .NET Core library and parameterize it
• Push it to Github.com, setup branches and take a quick tour of some of the Github settings
• Setup Azure Pipeline to build, test and deploy
• Test our solution, push some updates!

Introduction into Quantum Computing with Q#

Join for a journey into the extraordinary Quantum Computing, where we will fist talk about some of the spooky properties of elementary particles, line superposition and entanglement, and then we will build our first Quantum Program!

In order to do that, we will install Microsoft's Quantum Development Kit and use Q# to create a random number generator with an upper limit bigger than the number of the atoms in the universe. At the end, we will learn how to consume Q# libraries, like the one created, from a C# or F# app.

A Hello World with Microsoft’s Machine Learning framework, ML.NET

In this hands on session we will explore Machine Learning is, and create a predictor for the global average temperature using real data from kaggle.com

Create and publish a Blazor Component as Nuget Package

In this session we will create together a simple Blazor Component which will publish as a Nuget package using Azure DevOps

Create a weather widget - your first Blazor Component!

In this session we will create together a Blazor Weather Widget which can be published as a Nuget package using Azure DevOps

Deploying and securing Azure FrontDoor with Function Apps

In this session we will learn how to deploy Azure Frontdoor with a Function App that lives a happy and safe life in a subnet. In doing so, we will also learn how to use federated credentials to deploy to Azure from Github.

Designing and Hosting a simple microservice architecture (without Kubernetes!)

In this session we will learn how to break a problem into subdomains, design the architecture, and organise Azure and Github for the engineering teams

Azure Function Apps with .NET

Will it be C# Script, dotnet in-proc, or dotnet out-of-proc?
Lets explore the possibilities and learn how to choose the write one!

An Azure Function connecting to a CosmosDB using RBAC

Learn how to write an Azure Function in C# that connects to CosmosDB using RBAC, plus the supporting infrastructure (Azure Function, Azure Storage, CosmosDB, Azure KeyVault, App Insights and RBAC setup) written in bicep.

Sustainability: Carbon Aware Azure Functions

Learn how to use the Carbon-Aware SDK to create and deploy Carbon Aware Azure Functions, that wakeup and process their payload only during the greener times for their regions.

Web Developer Conference '22

September 2022 Hamburg, Germany

Developer Week '22

July 2022 Nürnberg, Germany


January 2022

George Kosmidis

Microsoft MVP | Cloud Solutions Architect | .NET Software Engineer

Munich, Germany