Gregor Dzierzon

Gregor Dzierzon

Founder and Chief Architect - Dzierzon Consulting

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


Gregor has been developing and teaching software engineering since 2000 and has a passion for writing code which is easy to read and to maintain.

He consults as a software engineer and architect and presents on technical topics that address all aspects of full stack development.

Gregor is an active Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and loves learning as much as he does teaching. His current certifications include MCSD: App Builder, MCSA: Web Applications, and AWS Developer Associate.

When he is not programming, Gregor loves spending time with his family, coaching his kids, working with wood or improving his home.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Business & Management
  • Health & Medical
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Materials


  • C#
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Angular
  • SQL Server
  • TypeScript
  • SQL Server Report Server
  • WebAPI
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Database Design
  • TDD

Building a RESTful micro-service with ASP.NET Core and Swagger

What is REST? Why is it so popular? How can you build your own RESTful service?

Building a standards compliant RESTful service requires an understanding of what it means for a service to be RESTful. In this session, we will set the groundwork with an overview of REST over HTTP and words like Idempotence.

We will then build a RESTful service using ASP.NET Core and discuss the benefits of using Swagger to describe the service and to create a service contract.

Once the service is built we will explore how to test it using the Swagger web interface and Postman. Finally, we will create a client application to consume the service.

Angular vs React a Comparison

In this high-level comparison of 2 popular Javascript frameworks, we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of each. We will do this by diving into an application that we have written twice, once in Angular and once in React, and discuss the differences and similarities of both frameworks.

Routing, API calls, forms and communication between components are just a few things that you need to consider in any SPA. We will discover how React and Angular handle them.

The goal of this discussion is to give you a foundation of solid React and Angular practices and principles that you can make an educated decision about which framework will best fit the needs of your next Javascript based application.

Migrate your ASP.NET MVC application to a SPA with Blazor and C#

If you are like many .NET development shops, you have an ASP.NET MVC application with thousands of hours of development time invested, but you are feeling the push to move into the world of client-side Single Page Applications.

Blazor builds upon the experience in which you and your team are already proficient, the Razor view engine and C#. In this session, we will discover how you can leverage your experience by considering Blazor as an alternative to Angular, React, Vue or another JavaScript framework, to migrate your MVC application to the world of client-side Single Page-dom.

Don’t throw away the hundreds of cshtml razor views you have created before you consider Blazor.

Converting your Monolith to Micro Services using Domain Driven Design

Micro-services are no longer the new kid on the block. Yet many of us are still a bit timid about letting him on our team. After all, why should I fix what isn't broken? The problem is, deep down, you know that it actually is broken.

You’ve heard of is this magical paradise called CI/CD. In that land of wonder, you’ve heard that teams deploy their code to production dozens (or more) times a day. How is that even possible? And how can you get there? Well… it ain’t with that monolith on your back. Let’s dive in and break things up a bit.

Performance Optimizations for Data Intensive Apps

All apps run great in our well controlled development environment, but how do they fare when we run them in the wild? We will discuss the common pitfalls and pain points of data heavy apps and some of the things we can do to optimize our applications for the enterprise.

Building a Team that Wins in a Competitive Market

Building a team that works well together is hard. Building one that lasts in today's competitive market is even harder. Turnover can be a real problem for software teams of any size, but it doesn't have to be.

I built and coached a girls travel fastpitch softball team in a small community helped them grow into a team that consistently played for championships. Come discover how building an award winning software engineering team is really not much different than coaching a championship fastpitch softball team.

When you build the right team, and when you treat them right, there isn't much that they won't do for each other and for you.

Develop an ASP.NET Core Site with MVC, WebAPI and EF Core

Does ASP.NET MVC Core have you wondering how all of the parts fit together? How do the Controller, Model and View interact? How does the Routing engine know which controller to use and which method to execute?

In this workshop I will show you how ASP.NET MVC was designed to simplify development. I will discuss how there is no MVC magic, instead it is designed to give teams a consistent development environment with full control.

At the end of this workshop you will know how to build a full functions ASP.NET Core MVC web application complete with a RESTful WebAPI service and data access using EFCore.

Topics covered:
* MVC Architecture
* Routing
* Data Binding Views
* Using MVC TagHelpers
* Working with EFCore 2.x
* Testing MVC Applications
* Building a RESTful Service

Making the Move to GraphQL with ASP.NET Core

Developing services that strictly adhere to REST specifications is hard and can be very restrictive. Because of this, a large number of web services that claim to be RESTful are not actually REST compliant.

In our agile world of ever changing requirements, the limiting nature of REST is often the source of the bottleneck when trying to rapidly deploy our applications. Rather than fighting the REST specifications our forcing our requirements to fit into a RESTful world, you may want to consider a more flexible approach.

Give control of your data back to your application by implementing GraphQL. Your application knows what data it needs, and it should have a say in how it accesses that data.

In this session we will explore a GraphQL API built with ASP.NET Core and discuss how GraphQL makes accessing your data more flexible. We will then peek under the hood of client applications that use the API and discuss the various benefits developers can reap from working with GraphQL - such as controlling how much/little data they see and minimizing server round trips.

UtahJS Conf 2019 Sessionize Event

September 2019 Sandy, Utah, United States

NDC Minnesota 2019 Sessionize Event

May 2019 Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

Gregor Dzierzon

Founder and Chief Architect - Dzierzon Consulting

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


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