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Iona Varga

Iona Varga

Principial Consultant in the CTO Office @ Rapid Circle

Heerlen, The Netherlands


Azure, Check! Power Platform, Check! Not only am I a geek on technology, helping others is what thrives me!
From low-code and fusion-dev to process management and more. My background is in technology for healthcare and that is what excites me the most!


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management
  • Health & Medical
  • Government, Social Sector & Education


  • Lowcode
  • Powerapps
  • Power Apps
  • Power Platform - Low Code
  • Power Platform
  • Azure
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure ML
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
  • power bi
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • power bi desktop
  • Powerapp Portals
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • Training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure App Service
  • IoT
  • Microsoft (Azure) IoT
  • Iot Edge
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Microsoft MCT
  • Training consultant
  • End User Training
  • staff training
  • Training Design
  • Speaker Training
  • training materials
  • MedTech
  • medical imaging
  • Medical informatics
  • Biomedical data analysis
  • Technological Innovation
  • Health & Medical
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Architecture
  • HealthTech
  • AI in Health
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  • it

A QMS system on SharePoint. Why we failed and how we got back up.

The problem of delivering tailor-made solutions, is that they are tailor-made.
Off-the-shelf being as-is will take away a lot of headaches, but as a systems integrator partner, sometimes you need to build something from scratch. We did that, and failed. Initially.

The start of this session is a deep-dive of the Presales cycle, followed by the customer intake, continuing on to the implementation and topping it up with the QA, user testing and handover. You’ll see examples of what went wrong, how they went wrong and lessons learned so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

When you leave the session you are better equipped to avoid simple mistakes that lead to an angry customer.

Pro Code in unison with Low Code via Ecosystems

Pro code is on top of the foodchain, but what if your prey starts to outnumber the predator? By means of large numbers, there is a point where Low Code will transition from the 'next new thing' to a stayer. And when that will be, might surprise you.

In this session, we'll discuss the history of 'low code', the impact on pro code and code first, and the future of a merge between both called Fusion Development.

By investigating Ecosystems, you will see how modern development might look, and how to join the revolution as an early adoptor.

Rapid and Brand-Aware Prototyping: Integrating Custom Connectors with Power Platform for Enhanced UX

To thrive in today's fast-paced digital environment, businesses need to balance the twin pillars of rapid prototyping and brand-aware design.

Learn how to create branded templates, enrich every brand profile, keep every logo always up-to-date, and personalize experiences with banners, colors, and fonts.

In this session, we'll dive into the specifics of connecting Branding-aware APIs to the Power Platform, with an eye towards delivering a unified, consistent user experience that’s keeping in touch with your brand's identity. With 3 steps, we can show how to master these two pillars within Power Platform:

Demonstrate how to integrate data from an API via a custom connector with the Power Platform, which will streamline data transfer and make it easier to work with third-party programs and services.
Show how to use the custom connector to make a simple screen that's easy to use, takes into account your brand's aesthetic, and lets you interact with the assets you're given without any hassle.
Discover possibilities to integrate the theme builder with custom connectors.

As a result, you will make users feel at home by automagically populating their logos, colors, fonts, and more into your demos and prototypes.

By the end of the session, you will have the skills and confidence necessary to connect brand APIs to the Power Platform, enabling them to create prototypes quickly while maintaining awareness of the brand and delivering exceptional user experiences.

How Microsoft's Clarity and Power Platform will demystify user frustrations

Users have expectations when they are using applications and don't know how to handle changes very well. This leads to lower adoption rates, frustrated users, and projects that end up, tossed in the bin.

Do you want to improve the user experience but don't know where to start? In this session, we'll explore how Microsoft's Clarity can help you demystify your user's frustrations and improve the user experience inside your Canvas Apps.

We'll start by introducing Microsoft Clarity, a free analytics tool that provides insights into user behavior and website performance. You'll learn how to set up and configure Clarity and how to use it to identify user frustrations and pain points.

Next, a demo on how to connect Clarity with Power Platform so you can start using your new insights and translate it into problems your users are having to explain their behavior and frustrations.

You'll walk away from this session with practical tips and strategies for using these powerful tools to drive user engagement and satisfaction.

A low-code hacker's guide to the IoT Galaxy: IoT in Power Platform

Despite 42 being the answer of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Only downside? It will not help you embed the wonderous world of IoT into your Power Platform solutions.

While embarking yourself on an IoT-journey, we'll guide ourselves to how this can work and what we need to think of.

A low-code hacker's guide, just to help you navigate in the exciting new landscape of connected devices and leverage Power Platform to build new solutions.

During this session, you'll learn how to connect and process IoT data using Connected Devices and other techniques, and take actions accordingly.

But that's not all! also provide a hands-on demonstration of how to build a custom IoT solution using Power Platform. You'll get to see firsthand how easy it is to build and deploy an IoT solution using Power Platform's Dataverse and Azure.

So, whether you're a seasoned space traveler or just getting started with IoT, this session is for you. Get ready to explore the IoT galaxy and unleash the full power of Power Platform for your next-level solutions!

Azure DevOps vs GitHub Actions for Power Platform

Working with Power Platform but struggling to decide on which platform to use for your DevOps practices? ALM can be a pain, but having the right platform for your needs makes DevOps and CI/CD practices a lot easier.

In this session, an eagle's view and a deepdive will be taken to explore and compare two of the most popular DevOps platforms nowadays for Power Platform: Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions

The most important features and selling points of both platforms will be discussed, looking at the CI part of CI/CD and the CD part.

Besides that, some examples of how to use both platforms will be demonstrated, to help you streamline your development process for Power Platform ALM.

After attending this session, you will have more knowledge on the differences between Azure DevOps and GitHub actions, and you will feel more confident to make a choice on what suits best for your DevOps situation. You will also walk away with some practical insights in making a better success out of your Power Platform ALM.

ADKAR in 20 minutes

ADKAR, something people might not be aware of, is a model to manage change to their users in 5 simple steps.

5 simple steps, yet the implementation of ADKAR is something easily overlooked or implemented wrong. 5 steps, so you must be thinking: How hard can this be? Well, as proven by many companies... Hard.

In this session, you will learn about the ADKAR principle, how does this work and how can you use it to make your new application's launch a success! Some tips, tricks and a relatable story line will make this session easy to follow for everyone without a background in change management as well.

Hacking your world to Dataverse with IoT

Unlock the power of data-driven insights by connecting the physical world to Dataverse. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to use micro controllers and sensors to measure the world around you and send data to IoT Central using Azure. Discover how this data can be used to create business interactions, schedule field service appointments, and even share updates on social media. Don't miss this opportunity to take your skills to the next level. And no, you don't need to be an embedded engineer to tag along ;-)

When Power Platform meets Azure

Fusion Development is all about integrating your components like a pro, but within the citizen domain. With API management you can orchestrate all your actions to a single point-of-entry with maximum security.

But what actions can we integrate? Basically everything that comes with a REST API can be called from within the Power Platform through the API Management.

During this workshop, we will set up API Mangement, Build a REST API on Application Insights so we can use it as a connector in Power Automate, and use Sentiment Detection on emails in Azure via automated flows.

In the end, you will understand what it takes to work on Pro-Code solutions, and how we tackle these within a low-code domain.

Realtime applications for the Business Domain

Dynamics 365 and Power Platform have something in common. They share a backbone, they work well with integrations and they require a user to hit refresh if something happens that is relevant to the user.

Realtime applications are applications that inform users of any change that is related to what they are working on. By extending with Azure, a real time feeling in a Power Platform application becomes a reality.

The flow of SignalR, the concept of a PCF that enables this setup and much more will be discussed.

How IoT, Azure and Low-Code can revolutionize Healthcare

Healthcare is stubborn, so it's the perfect place to challenge the current way of working. To make changes here you need to have a good story and vision. That vision, often, can be translated to other industries, making it a great candidate for modernization within organizations.

Streaming data via IoT in Azure and make informed decisions in a low code app, that can work real-time. How do you orchestrate the whole process for other industries and applications, that is a tricky question, which will be answered during this session

IoT, Check.
Azure, Check.
Low-code, Check.
Pro-code, check.
Inspiring, Check!

What to think about, if you're thinking about building a team?

Ask any business how they measure success. The first thing they will shout out, is KPIs.

A KPI is a goal that needs to be achieved that's defined by someone that thinks they know something about something.
Very generalistic right?

During this session, an explanation of what makes a team a good team, and how to maintain that.
How can we value someone's momentum instead of a fixed value on a fixed time?

Concepts from Game Theory, Community laws and other science related fields will be combined to provide the answer to the question every business should be asking: Is my team great?

Managing your change management!?

Building a great new tool, implementing a new architecture, converting your operations into web apps, all very cool to do as a developer, but how is your business and end user going to adopt?

A change in the current way of working will always lead to resistance, but how can you minimize these frictions and which patterns are there to support you?

Whether it's a 3-step, 8-step, ADKAR, Lean or any other model, the pros and cons of the biggest change models are discussed.
What to look for and how to go to the business with it.

Do you think, change my mind, right now?!
Than, this session will be something for you.

Gamification - A mindplay of the user

Many big vendors are deprecating their Gamification solutions. Why? And is Gamification as alive a millennium egg?

Whether you open up your local Gym's app, look at the Microsoft Learn page or even take a certification challenge, they all share the same concept to keep users returning, positive reinforcement!

You just posted your 10th solution! Here is the rocket badge! That feeling will comfort you, but why?

During this session, the concept of gamification will be explained. The impact of users using your solution, how to integrate a gamification aspect into business and get results both from UX perspective as from business.

Gamification is strong, and will always be! Join to be blown away by shiny awards and ton load of good-feeling ;-)

Cognitive Neuroscience for Fusion Teams

Many times we drag ourselves through the day by looking at our sprint board, taking a deep breath and assign that one item to yourself. You finish it, continue to next item and continue this.
Day in. Day out.

But what if you can make the process of working together just a little more interesting? How can you excite the brain of your fellow low code lovers and business representatives with good old science and trickery?

During this energetic, scientific, mindplay session everyone will be part of the game. A role play with all the felllow attendees as your team members? A scrum team the size of an entire department? It will all happen here.

When you walk out the room, you know how the brain works, how to trick it, how to excite it, but most of all, how to stimulate and motivate your colleagues and get more fun out of working in that fusion team.

Don't fear! Low-code is here.

Every time you open LinkedIn, you probably see someone mentioning that Low-code is going to solve everything. Everything? Yes, everything. Every joke always contains a piece of truth, and indeed, low-code is going strong. But what is low-code? Where does it fit in? And how do you manage fusion where low-code and pro-code start to work together?

By taking an honest look at where low-code can fit in and how it will work together, you can make an educated decision on how to manage these situations where the darkness might seem endless.

Be prepared for an informative yet interactive session!

The intersection point of Low-code vs Pro-Code projects with regards to return on investment

Low code and pro code seem to get into a fight whenever they are brought together. But is it fair to assume that a project done in a pro code environment is always better?

For distinguishing the turn-over point between the two approaches, a lot of information has to be put into account. Complexity, availability of resources, licenses and much more is all to be considered.

During this session, a look into what makes a low code candidate a good candidate will be provided as well as information on when not to go for low-code. An honoust overview of the complexity on low-code will be provided to show that sometimes a pro-code approach can indeed be more beneficial.

Will this be a session for team pro-code? No, damage will be dealt towards pro-code to show the benefits of having low-code in your battlepack!

Low-code vs Pro-code decided once and for all? Find out during this informative session between the titans ;-)

From Medical Physics to Low-code due to COVID

A die-hard physicist making low code applications for giant enterprises? It’s just one of those stories where someone starts out in one field, solves a problem with a different field and falls in love. It’s like taking your second crush on a first date, but this time you get married. During this session I will tell about the good, the bad and the ugly about switching careers, what to think of when pursuing a switch and where to start!

Effectively managing PowerApps using application lifecycle management

ALM for PowerApps can be achieved by implementing a combination of Power Automate and Azure DevOps. This session will explain how to utilize these technologies to effectively manage PowerApps in your enterprise landscape.

Conversational Apps, why type if you can speak?

Ever wondered if it would be possible to talk to a PowerApp to actually get something you need? In that case, the answer is yes!

By combining speech-to-text, LUIS, power virtual agents and powerapps, a whole new way off creating apps open up.

Cynthia! Give me the weather forecast for tomorrow, is not longer restricted to Alexa or Siri. With only a few simple integrations, conversational AI becomes a reality for your next-gen applications.

A CRUD application in PowerApps in 1 minute. And 9 more minutes for tweaking.

Power platform is a tool for business solutions, but also a tool that can be used for prototyping. With not a lot of knowledge you can already create a first app, tweak it and share it with your business in under 10 minutes, and I’ll put the action where the word is.

Join me to shout input and see how we as an audience together can build an application that actually does something.

The AI ethics session nobody knew we needed

Asking AI to generate an image for you, create content, answer questions? Very convenient, but oh-so-problematic. AI is not only borderline plagiarizing styles from human artists, who then don't get recognized, but also highly biased as it reflects the oppressive systems (racism, imperialism, sexism, ableism...) we still live in. AI ethics are becoming more important than ever with the rise of AI-driven products like ChatGPT and Dall-E. The problem with these implementations is a great bias, coming from a lack of diverse datasets and non-transparent approaches in delivering outcomes. From facial recognition to chat-bots, bias can be found in any application ranging from very little to heavily biased. During this session, Iona and Luise will discuss insights on creating transparency and driving away from skewness, data-narrowness and blindness. They will also walk you through how AI actually works, followed by a deep-dive into ethics and the problems we are facing now and in the future. This session provides you with lots of food for thought and enables you to make better-informed decisions about using and implementing AI in your applications.

Healthcare Transformation with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform: Building FHIR-Enabled Solutions

Healthcare interoperability is a critical challenge that the industry has been grappling with for decades. However, with the emergence of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard, shorted to FHIR, and the Power Platform, healthcare organizations finally have the tools they need to build powerful, FHIR-enabled solutions that transform how care is delivered.

In this session, Power Platform is explored to leveraged and create FHIR-enabled solutions that drive healthcare transformation. Some important components will be shown of the Power Platform, including Power Apps and Power Automate, to show you how you can use these tools to build custom applications and workflows that interact with FHIR-based systems and data.

Join us to learn how you can power healthcare transformation with FHIR and Power Platform, and gain insights on how to translate this for different industries

Low-Code Bot Wars: Power Virtual Agents vs Bot Framework Composer

Chatbots have revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers, and the development of bots has never been easier with the introduction of Power Virtual Agents and Bot Framework Composer. While both tools offer powerful bot building capabilities, there are key differences between them that developers need to understand in order to make an informed decision on which platform to use.

In this session, we will compare and contrast Power Virtual Agents and Bot Framework Composer, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. We will explore the features, user interfaces, integration capabilities, and development workflows of each tool to help attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of which platform best suits their specific bot development needs.

The session will also include an overview of building a bot on both platforms, showcasing the ease of use, extensibility, and customizability of each tool. You will have a deeper understanding of Power Virtual Agents and Bot Framework Composer and will be equipped with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision when selecting a bot development platform.

Power Apps Instrumentation Keys suck - Let's fix this.

Tired of having log traces of development, acceptance and production land in 1 place? In this session, we'll discuss the difficulties in managing different keys for different environments and the lack of granularity in tracking user behavior and app performance.

But don't worry, we won't just focus on the problems. We will develop a PCF component that's solving this instrumentation key nightmare. Through a live demo, you will learn how to leverage PCF to dynamically manage instrumentation keys and seamlessly integrate them with your Canvas Apps.

Join us in this session to revolutionize the way you instrument, monitor, and analyze your Power Apps. Leave with practical knowledge and tools that will empower you to take control of your Power Apps instrumentation and elevate your app development and monitoring practices.

Note: This session assumes a basic understanding of Power Apps and Canvas Apps development. PCF knowledge not needed

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Iona Varga

Principial Consultant in the CTO Office @ Rapid Circle

Heerlen, The Netherlands


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