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Baruch Sadogursky

Baruch Sadogursky

Principal Developer Productivity Engineering Advocate, Gradle

Лид ДевРела

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


Baruch Sadogursky (@jbaruch) did Java before it had generics, DevOps before there was Docker, and DevRel before it had a name. He started DevRel at JFrog when it was ten people and took it all the way to a successful $6B IPO by helping engineers solve problems. Now Baruch keeps helping engineers solve problems but also helps companies help engineers solve problems. He is a co-author of the "Liquid Software" and "DevOps Tools for Java Developers" books, serves on multiple conference program committees, and regularly speaks at numerous most prestigious industry conferences, including Kubecon, JavaOne (RIP), Devoxx, QCon, DevRelCon, DevOpsDays (all over), DevOops (not a typo) and others. After a tenure of eleven years in JFrog DevRel, Baruch is the Principal Developer Productivity Engineering Advocate at Gradle.

Барух Садогурский (@jbaruch) писал на Джаве до того, как в ней появились дженерики, рассказывал про ДевОпс до того, как появился Докер, и занимался ДевРелом до того, как его стали так называть. Барух основал DevRel в JFrog когда там было 10 человек, и помог компании дойти до IPO с оценкой в $6B помогая инженерам лучше делать их работу. Теперь Барух продолжает помогать иженерам, а так же помогает компаниям помогать инженерам. Он соавтор книг "Liquid Software" и "DevOps Tools for Java Developers", является членом ПК нескольких престижных конференций и выступает регулярно на таких конференциях как Kubecon, JavaOne (мир праху его), Devoxx, QCon, DevRelCon, DevOpsDays (по всему миру), DevOops (не опечатка) и так далее.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • DevOps & Automation
  • Continous Delivery
  • java
  • groovy
  • Software Development
  • Software Architecture
  • devops
  • continuous delivery
  • Continuous Integration
  • software engineering
  • gradle
  • Apache Maven
  • Developer Relations
  • Developer Advocacy


Engineering Success: Empowering Developers through Enhanced Productivity en

Developer success encompasses well-being, work-life balance, and workplace culture, but it also hinges on engineering environments and tools. In this talk, we explore how enhancing developer productivity can drive success and satisfaction.

As DevRel team members, we shape the developer experience by collaborating to improve engineering processes and tools. We'll discuss strategies for enhancing tools and adopting new ones that excel in promoting productivity.

In developer relations, our mission includes championing initiatives that benefit developers' productivity and well-being. The concept of "developer productivity engineering" (DPE) unifies our efforts to enhance productivity through engineering practices.

Join us to discover insights and strategies for elevating developer productivity. Whether you're a developer advocate or a DevRel manager, this talk will offer valuable perspectives on fostering a culture that prioritizes developer success. Together, we'll explore how DPE can transform engineering culture, benefiting developers, DevRel teams, and organizations.

If this version meets your needs, I'm glad we could find the right fit! If you have any further requests or need additional assistance, please feel free to let me know.

[Workshop] Maximize Developer Productivity with Developer Productivity Engineering en

In this workshop by Gradle, we will discuss “Developer Productivity Engineering” (DPE).

If you are not familiar with DPE, it is a new software development discipline that uses data analytics and acceleration technologies to speed up critical software development processes—from builds to testing to CI—and make them more efficient.

In this hands-on training with labs, we will describe DPE processes and best practices in action—using examples from Java projects that rely on Maven or Gradle build tools.

At a high level, you will learn how to:

Leverage build and test acceleration technologies like build caching and distributed testing to instantly speed up feedback cycles as much as 90%. Cut debugging and troubleshooting time in half using data analytics to rapidly identify incident root causes and better manage avoidable failures like flaky tests. Continuously improve performance and guard against regressions through metrics, KPI, and trend observability.

More specifically, this training will cover how to:

* Accelerate debugging and root cause analysis leveraging build scans.
*Achieve significant reductions in local and remote build times using build caches.
* Avoid performance regressions and continuously improve toolchain reliability with performance management analytics
* Detect, prioritize, and eliminate the most damaging flaky tests utilizing a test dashboard.
* Integrate with Git/Jenkins

Pursuing DPE excellence will be a transformative and highly satisfying developer experience.

Shifting Left, Shifting Blame: How DPE Levels the DevOps Playing Field en

Ah, developers, the golden children of IT! They're the ones who bring the code to life and make the magic happen. But sometimes, they dodge responsibilities, whether it's security vulnerabilities, usability issues, or integration challenges. "That's for Ops to handle closer to production," they say, crossing these concerns off their "definition of done" list. And when things go wrong? Ops is left holding the bag, cleaning up messes they didn't make.

Enter Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE), the framework that encourages developers to take ownership from the start. DPE fosters faster feedback, ensuring that developers address various issues—security, usability, and even third-party integrations—early on. It's not just about writing code; it's about writing accountable code.

You might be thinking, "Isn't that what DevOps is for?" Absolutely, but DPE takes it a step further. It's like DevOps on steroids, making sure everyone is not just collaborating but also accountable for their part.

And here's the best part: developers actually want this. They take pride in code that compiles and passes unit tests. What they've lacked is a way to take ownership of quality issues that go beyond basic functionality. DPE gives them the tools and the mindset to do just that.

So, if you're tired of the blame game where Ops gets all the flak and developers seem untouchable, come discover how DPE can change the dynamics. It's a win-win for everyone, leveling the playing field and making sure everyone is accountable for delivering quality.

Coding Fast and Slow: Applying Kahneman's Insights to Improve Development Practices and Efficiency en

Embark on an exciting journey into the intersection of psychology, software development, and Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) as we explore how Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman's groundbreaking work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making can optimize your development practices while conserving cognitive resources. Discover the impact of System 1 and System 2 thinking on the software development process, and learn to strike the perfect balance between "fast" intuitive thinking and "slow" deliberative reasoning.
We'll delve into practical DPE strategies for reducing mental fatigue and minimizing context switches, focusing on techniques like build system performance optimization, test parallelization, AI-powered test selection, and developer productivity observability. By leveraging these best practices, you'll enhance your and your team's productivity and maintain focus on high-value tasks.
Whether you're an experienced developer seeking to boost your performance or a curious newcomer eager to learn about the connections between the human mind, software development, and DPE, this talk is for you. Join us for an exhilarating adventure into the fast and slow worlds of coding, and uncover new ways to maximize your cognitive resources.

DevOps Reframed: Embracing the Path to Developer Productivity Engineering en

Building on the success of DevOps practices, which already employ the Theory of Constraints to tackle bottlenecks, Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) emerges as the next natural progression. DPE takes a step further by optimizing workflows, automating tasks, and providing real-time feedback to developers, keeping software delivery nimble and efficient.

In this engaging talk, we'll explore how DPE enhances the DevOps framework, streamlining the development process throughout the software delivery lifecycle. See why mastering DPE is essential for all engineers, including Platform and Site Reliability Engineers, as it aligns with core principles like reducing toil, promoting automation, and implementing observability, all while keeping bottlenecks at bay.

With a touch of wit and insight, learn practical tips to harness DPE's power and elevate your software development game. Join us as we reframe the DevOps landscape, revealing the importance of DPE as the next step in our software development evolution, ensuring continued success and growth by effectively managing constraints and bottlenecks.

DevOps for Java Developers (or maybe against them?!) en

"DevOps" is the operations people’s crafty plan to make Java developers do other people's work, but we are smart enough to see right through this naive rebranding trick!

Baruch suggests you think about it: we, the Java developers, have written all the code. It passes all the tests; it obviously works and works well (Are we a little proud? We are!); so we are DONE.

Now, out of the blue, a bunch of "thought leaders" (all with an operations background, mind you!) are trying to tell us that we have to learn YAML, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform to deploy our software because suddenly it is our concern?!

In this talk, we'll discuss why Java developers do or don’t need DevOps. We'll consider arguments made by DevOps visionaries and see whether they hold water. Hopefully, by the end of the talk, we'll understand whether DevOps really helps Java developers to deploy better code to production more often or if it is just another scam made up by marketing and evangelists.

DPE Unleashed: A Whimsical Journey to Boost Gradle Developer Productivity with LLMs en

Prepare for a unique and whimsical experience as we dive into the world of Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) to supercharge Gradle-based software development. In this unusual yet engaging talk, we'll embark on an adventurous journey of consulting with Large Language Models (LLMs) for practical tips to optimize Gradle builds and elevate developer productivity.
Our seasoned speaker will lead you through an interactive session, where we'll engage in a lively conversation with the AI-powered LLM. Witness as we seek the LLM's advice on shortening build feedback loops, conquering flaky tests, parallelizing tests, and harnessing build result caching with Gradle.
Expect an intriguing live coding session where we implement the LLM's suggestions and explore how AI can transform the development process. What will be suggested? Who knows! Will it work? Probably not! Will we be able to fix it? You have to be there to see it!
Join us for "DPE Unleashed: A Whimsical Journey to Boost Gradle Developer Productivity with LLMs" and unlock unconventional approaches to elevate productivity. Discover how AI-assisted DPE can revolutionize your Gradle builds, all while keeping the excitement alive with our delightful LLM consulting session. Get ready to embrace the future of developer productivity!

Fast Feedback, Faster Development: An Introduction to Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) en

Explore Developer Productivity Engineering, a field laser-focused on delivering swift feedback loops while keeping developers in their flow. DPE elevates code quality and developer morale by reducing frustrating hiccups, eliminating toil, and providing better feedback, faster. Ready for a smoother and more efficient dev experience? This talk's your ticket.

DevOps for developers (or maybe against them?!) en ru

"DevOps" is the operations people’s crafty plan to make developers do other people's work, but we are smart enough to see right through this naive rebranding trick!

Baruch suggests you think about it: we, the developers, have written all the code. It passes all the tests; it obviously works, and works well (Are we a little proud? We are!); so we are DONE.

Now, out of the blue, a bunch of "thought leaders" (all with an operations background, mind you!) are trying to tell us that we have to learn YAML, Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform to deploy our software because suddenly it is our concern?!

In this talk, we'll discuss why developers do or don’t need DevOps. We'll consider arguments made by DevOps visionaries and see whether they hold water. Hopefully, by the end of the talk, we'll understand whether DevOps really helps developers to deploy better code to production more often, or if it is just another scam made up by marketing and evangelists.

This is a fun and provocative talk. I am starting by claiming that developers have no incentives to do any DevOps and will work my way to explain why; although there is some truth in that, it doesn't matter. The business must commit to DevOps, and once the business is committed, everyone has to be on board.

DevOps для разработчиков (или против них?!) en ru

DevOps — это заговор сисадминов, чтобы заставить разработчиков делать чужую работу, но мы слишком умны, чтобы попасться на эту элементарную уловку ребрендингом! Посудите сами: мы написали код, он проходит тесты. Он, очевидно, работает и работает хорошо (Мы гордимся собой? Да!). И тут мы закончили.

Но приходят эти «визионеры» (все из operations, прошу заметить!) и рассказывают нам, что теперь надо учить YAML, Docker, Kubernetes и Terraform, потому что внезапно это наша головная боль?!

В этом докладе мы поговорим о том, зачем разработчикам нужен или не нужен DevOps. Мы рассмотрим аргументы, которые приводят идеологи DevOps, и решим, состоятельны они или нет. К концу доклада, будем надеяться, нам станет понятно, действительно ли это способ, который поможет нам (разработчикам) поставлять лучший код в прод чаще, или это, как всегда, разводка маркетологов и евангелистов.

Influencing DevOps without Authority - how "DevOps engineer" can advance real DevOps en ru

You know about DevOps, you know DevOps is right for your organization, but hey, what can you do? As an individual contributor or a team leader, your authority to transform your organization to DevOps is limited. But your influence is not!
In this talk, Baruch will show how some proven influencing and negotiating techniques can be used to convince critical stakeholders in your organization in the necessity of DevOps.
We look at the arguments, the techniques, and the small tricks, which work in particular situations with particular engineering and business leadership positions and will prepare you to deliver the message of DevOps most convincingly to each.

"Influence without Authority", "Getting to Yes", "Getting past No" and others applied to IT organizations with DevOps message.

Устраиваем DevOps без полномочий: Даже "ДевОпс инженер" может помочь en ru

Казалось бы, доклад про устроение ДевОпса должен быть про настройку Дженкинса, но нет!

Этот доклад для тех, кто понимает, что ДевОпс это история про культуру, коллаборацию и общение, но не очень представляет как будучи скромным исполнителем или тимлидом, повлиять на целый энтерпрайз или галеру, и свдинуть организацию в соторну ДевОпса.
Барух расскажет какими методами можно воспользоваться для влияния на stake–holder-ов, что кому говорить, как мотивировать, и как работать с возражениями.
Пожалуй, за исключением парапсихологических практик и гипноза (которые не стоит раскрывать неокрепшим умам), на этом доладе будет обозрены все способы влиять, не имея полномочий на благо наступления повсеместного ДевОпса в индустрии.

Developer Productivity – DIY (with ChatGPT) or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the AI en

Dive into a world of wit and wisdom with "Developer Productivity – DIY (with ChatGPT) or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the AI," a conference talk that subtly weaves humor with practical tips for boosting your development prowess. Our spirited speaker will engage in a lively conversation with ChatGPT, the clever AI language model, to uncover innovative strategies for optimizing your development process, from shortening build feedback loops to conquering flaky tests and caching build results like a master.

Be captivated as our speaker embraces the challenge of implementing ChatGPT's suggestions in a live coding session that promises to entertain and enlighten without explicitly flaunting its humor. This engaging exploration of AI-assisted development will leave you with a fresh perspective on productivity and a subtle smile on your face.

By the end of this charming adventure, you'll have a treasure trove of valuable tips and a newfound appreciation for the delightful synergy between AI and your development process. Get ready to revolutionize your workflow and forge a lasting bond with your new AI confidant, ChatGPT.

The DPE Change Agent: A Guide to Championing Productivity and Inspiring Change Without Authority en

Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) can be a game-changer, but as an individual contributor, influencing organizational change might feel like scaling a mountain without any gear. Don't fret; we've got the perfect solution!

This engaging talk will briefly introduce DPE and its importance for modern software teams. Next, we'll explore a proven six-step model that empowers you to inspire change without holding the reins of authority. By the end of this enlightening session, you'll have the blueprint to become a true DPE change agent, equipped to energize your team and supercharge productivity.

So, please put on your metaphorical hiking boots and join us for a delightful journey to transform your organization while harnessing the power of subtle influence!

Surviving the Techpocalypse: Empowering Survivors with Developer Productivity Engineering en

In these perplexing times, when jobs vanish like ice cream on a hot summer day, tech professionals must find the sweet spot between concern for their affected colleagues and the pressing need to scoop up progress.

Discover Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE), the secret sauce that helps both individuals and companies navigate the labyrinth of layoffs and limited resources with flair. Join us as we trek through a landscape teeming with dispirited engineers and floundering companies, showcasing DPE's power to transform even the most disenchanted developer into a productivity maestro.

By adopting DPE's clever approach, we can face economic instability with unity and a dash of wit, turning sour lemons into a refreshing lemonade of success.

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Baruch Sadogursky

Principal Developer Productivity Engineering Advocate, Gradle

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


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