Krisztina Hirth

Krisztina Hirth

Staff Architect at PayFit

Staff Architekt bei PayFit (Frankreich)

Köln, Germany

Software engineer for more than 20 years, always looking for the right way to deliver reliable, resilient and expandable value through software, knowledge and empathy. Lately, I changed roles to help teams and companies to understand the benefits of domain-driven design, to enjoy discovering models before applying patterns :)
I believe that agility is nothing else than feedback-driven development, that DDD and domain modelling reduce the waste of energy, time and future technical debt and that work must be fun.

Softwareentwickler seit mehr als 20 Jahren, immer auf der Suche nach dem richtigen Weg, um zuverlässigen, belastbaren und erweiterbaren Wert durch Software und Wissen und Empathie zu liefern.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Continuous Improvement
  • Product Development
  • Architecture
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Teams and Organizations

From The Problem To Software - a Walkthrough

"It is not the domain experts knowledge that goes in production, it is the assumption of the developers that goes into production" This famous quote from Alberto Brandolini is unfortunately true but it also points to the right direction: we need to bring the domain knowledge into our software.
Krisztina will show you how this can be done in the day to day business, she will share her experience including the list of techniques needed to succeed in having real Domain-driven development.
This won't be a slide show, challenges, questions are welcome!


DDD Methods for Day to Day Problem Solving

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity)

"It is not the domain experts knowledge that goes into production; it is the assumption of the developers that goes into production". This famous quote from Alberto Brandolini is very accurate, and it points in the right direction: we need to bring domain knowledge into our decisions and our software to offer the best solution in the given context.

One of the reasons why software solutions become messy and hard to maintain is that we tend to jump to solutions before really understanding the problem. They may work out for now, but how do we ensure that they will fit in the future? This is where the paradigm of Domain-driven Design can help us out: DDD gives us the option to change our model when the business is changing. The workshop is not only for engineers but for everyone involved in product development.

In these two hours, we will dissect a business problem and experience how to solve it by using various techniques and tools in the day-to-day business. We will learn how to ensure that our decisions and implementations are driven by the Domain, which pitfalls to avoid and which principles to follow. After the workshop, every participant should have a good idea of how to start using the techniques and tools at work.

Level: advanced
Max attendees: 20 in one room

Shifting from Projects to Feedback-Based Product Development: Practical Tips and Insights

As software continues to dominate the business landscape, there is a growing need for better digital products built with a feedback-based approach. While many organizations think they are agile, interviewing customers and preparing design mockups for weeks, followed by a backlog with the whole plan, for example, is still waterfall development. Most people involved in product development are unaware of how having a project or a product mindset influences the digital solution. They usually blame the developers when the software becomes slow, hard to maintain and error-prone, but the developers can't solve the root cause of these problems.

During the talk, we will focus on identifying signs that your product development process is still waterfall-ish and the best practices for adopting a feedback-based approach. We will delve into how to decide what to build next and how much of it, define milestones, and determine when they are reached, to name a few examples. By doing so, you will leave better equipped to build digital products that are more responsive to customer needs, reduce the risk of failure, and promote innovation.

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Newcrafts Paris 2023

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FlowCon 2022

FlowCon has been bringing together software development professionals for 10 years around a main concept: product development flow, whether Lean Kanban (originally), agility, Lean, Continuous Delivery, the Beyond Budgeting, and all the international thoughts on how to work better as a team. All the organizers, speakers, sponsors and participants come together around these questions.


October 2022 Paris, France

Domain-Driven Design Europe 2022

June 2022 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Meetup DDD Koln

DDD Methods for Day to Day Problem Solving

May 2022 Köln, Germany

Meetup SoCal

From The Problem To Software - a Walkthrough

July 2021

Meetup DDDBE

From The Problem To Software - a Walkthrough

June 2021

Krisztina Hirth

Staff Architect at PayFit

Köln, Germany